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  1. Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers are so much more than juicers

    Did you know that horizontal juicers are not just for juicing? Juicers such as the BioChef Axis double as raw food processors. Not only can you make your favourite juices you can also enjoy, nut butters, sorbets, dips, pasta, bread sticks and more.

    You can use a horizontal juicer for most kitchen food processing tasks making them more versatile than a vertical juicer. If you have just had a baby the horizontal juicer will be your best friend in the kitchen quietly making fresh, nutritious baby foods to both eat now and store for later.

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  2. Recipes for bliss - hemp seed bliss balls

    Recipes for bliss - hemp seed bliss balls

    Bliss in a Hemp Seed Ball


    When we think of hemp we think of getting high but is hemp the same as marijuana? In a nutshell, no, they are simply both part of the cannabis family. Using delicious hemp seeds in these delicious hemp seed bliss ball recipes you will get high on the delicious taste and natural health benefits of this special seed.

    hemp seeds, horizontal juicers, bliss balls, byron bay, recipes

    The Chinese knew that hemp seeds were healthy and used them as medicine for thousands of years particularly for mental illness related issues. Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats

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  3. 'Beet for Beat' for Heart Week

    'Beet for Beat' for Heart Week

    Beetroot Juice - good for the heart and your health

    Thanks to Heart Week we are becoming more aware of our hearts and what we can do to protect them. I am not sure if beetroot juice will protect your heart from being broken, however, this delicious, luscious red vegetable can play an important role in keeping your heart healthy.

    A natural way to lower blood pressure

    Studies have shown that "that a daily glass of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension - even those whose high blood pressure was not controlled by drug treatment." Dr. Shannon Amoils, British Heart Foundation, senior research advisor

    beetroot, heart

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  4. International Carrot Day - Carrots are tops!

    International Carrot Day - Carrots are tops!

    If any vegetable deserves it’s own day, it's the carrot. The original superstar of the juicing world with its impressive powers has every right to be recognised. The humble carrot packs an impressive, colourful punch and has many health benefits. Carrot juice is the perfect natural weight loss drink too. 

    Instagram is turning orange for International Carrot Day and we can see why.

    carrot juice, international carrot day, weightloss, byron bay

    12 reasons to love carrots and carrot juice…

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  5. Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

    Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

    In a nutshell YES. People are becoming more and more discerning about what they eat and how they can get the best nutrient filled drink or meal for their healthy body buck. The high powered blender and cold press juicer offer different ways for the body to ingest healthy nutrients, enzymes and just plain deliciousness. Put simply the blender will retain the fibre and the juicer will give you a quicker nutrient blast that can be absorbed more easily. Both a juicer and a blender are important for different reasons but together they are unstoppable.

    What does my cold press juicer do?

    A cold pressed juicer is a masticating cold pressed juice extractor which also doubles as a living food kitchen appliance. The horizontal style auger design crushes almost any type of vegetables and fruits

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  6. Celery Juice Craze - Fad or Foe?

    Celery Juice Craze - Fad or Foe?

    Instagram is turning green for the latest superfood - celery juice.

    Anthony William the Medical Medium is the man behind the celery juice craze. He claims that we should drink 16oz (500ml) of plain celery juice every morning to radically transform our health and digestion and all in a single week!  Anthony is not a doctor, a nutritionist or a researcher. What he does do is converse with the 'spirit of compassion' for information on how to cure diseases. In particular those that baffle the medical profession. Each to their own of course but does it work?

    I can

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  7. New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    People have been failing at their New Year's Resolutions for 4000 years. What makes me think I could do any better? It's been three days and I have already failed. At least back then the Babylonians were offering their resolutions up to God in the hope of improving the crop. Now we just offer them up to ourselves, or our nearest and dearest, who have no choice but to listen and nod along. But what do we get in return?

    new years resolutions, eat healthy, juice everday

    When looking at the top new year's resolutions I mostly notice this.. we have to give up, quit, try harder, be better,

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  8. Cold Press Juice Recipes: Fruit Juice Collection

    Cold Press Juice Recipes: Fruit Juice Collection

    The health benefits of cold pressed living juice are abundant and so many people around the world are joining the Living Juice revolution. The best produce can be found at your local farmer's market or green grocer. Buy as much fruit as you can. It's time to start juicing!

    Cold Press Fruit Juice RecipesIf you don't already have a juicer and you are wanting to follow a healthy raw food diet, it is essential that you purchase a Cold Press Juicer for that perfect juice. This will quickly become your favourite appliance in your Raw Food Kitchen.

    We have put together a collection of healthy fruit juice recipes to help get you started with your Oscar Neo DA1000,

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  9. Cold Press Juice Recipes

    Cold Press Juice Recipes

    This is your portal for our wide selection of Cold Press Juice Recipes. As leaders in the juicing industry we have the knowledge and experience when it comes to juicing. Guided by the principles and teachings of leading health professionals such as Anna Wigmore, Dr Norman Walker, Dr Mercola and many more. We are constantly inspired by our customers who have been sharing their recipes, stories, thoughts and feedback with us for years! We have complied all of this juicy information (pun intended!) into a range of articles which are designed to help you along your health journey! Depending on what you are looking to achieve from juicing, we will have an article to help you; be it for weight-loss, detoxing, as part of a treatment program for illness or even just because you love a fresh glass of juice!

    By selecting a cold press juicer you are actively looking to improve or enrich an aspect of your health and well being, so we have split our juice recipes so that you can specifically

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  10. Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: Tips & Recipes

    Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: Tips & Recipes

    As the industry leader in juicing and cold press juicers in Australia, Vitality 4 Life has an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to what to juice, how often and in which combination is best for weight loss, cleansing and juice diets.

    Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

    When it comes to juicing for weight loss, in recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of "juice diets" and "juice cleanses". We all want long-term results when it comes to weight loss so it is important to consider which approach to dieting or cleansing will help you achieve and maintain your desired weight loss goal. You can read more about juice diets here. In this article we have compiled our favourite

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  11. How to Boost Immune System with Juice

    How to Boost Immune System with Juice

    If you've got a cold or feel like one is coming on, there is nothing better than than a cold press juice to make you feel better! Nutrient-rich cold press juice can help boost immune system and assist your body to fight off that nasty cold or flu. In general it is important to look at improving our immunity as this minimizes the frequency that we get sick, how sick we are and the length of time we are sick for. There are lots of fruits and vegetables who are powered to assist with fighting off nasties and can help you overcome a sickness naturally. Boost immune system with the amazing properties of commonly found fruits and vegetables.

    The concept of living juice was first introduced by Dr. Norman Walker who said “The human body is inextricably dependent on the quality of food and no less its compatibility with the needs of the body”. When your body is not at its best it is imperative

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  12. Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Bright, fresh and blemish free skin is something that we would all like to have. Cosmetic and topical procedures and creams may go some way to moisturise or rectify skins problems from the outside, but essentially, our skin health depends on what we put into our bodies. Our skin is one of the first places for most where a lack of nutrition shows- we see it in blemishes, acne, discolouration, blotching, pigments and lacking an overall glow. We have compiled some information and juice recipes for skin health, also focusing specifically on dry skin, ageing skin and acne.

    Here are some super juice recipes for skin health with purposefully combined ingredients.

    Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Our collection of juice recipes which will give overall vitality and radiance to skin of any age or type. Get glowing skin by providing your body with much needed nutrients and see the difference in your skin.

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  13. The Best Fruit Juicing Recipes

    The Best Fruit Juicing Recipes

    The health benefits of cold pressed living juice are abundantly clear and so many people around the world are joining the cold pressed Living Juice revolution.

    If you don't already have a juicer and you are wanting to increase the amount of raw food in yur diet, finding a quality Cold Press Juicer, and finding ways to incorporate using it in your day or week is how we would like to see it.

    View our article Which Juicer is Right for Me? for help in deciding which juicer may best suit your unique requirements.

    We have put together some healthy juicing recipes to get you started.

    Meine Mango

    Mangoes have one big advantage; they have a great and strong

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  14. Dr. Norman Walker's Medicinal Juice Recipes

    Dr. Norman Walker's Medicinal Juice Recipes

    It is estimated that the average adult will get sick between 2-3 times a year and instead of fighting the common cold naturally, most people will opt to gorge on over the counter pharmaceuticals. Dr Norman Walker wrote “the human body is inextricably dependent on the quality of food that it intakes”. Our bodies rely on nutrients that come from the fibres of fresh fruits and vegetables that help us when we encounter ailments and illness.

    There is no more powerful medicine than the properties which come from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables. Dr Norman Walker spent years researching the benefits of cold press juicing and concluded that juicing was the most efficient and natural way to cure ailments because it was the only method which separated minerals and water in fresh produce from the fibres, and was digested into the bloodstream in a matter of minutes.

    When you juice you cleanse your colon, digestive system, blood, urinary

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  15. What to do with Juice Pulp: Juice Pulp Recipes

    What to do with Juice Pulp: Juice Pulp Recipes

    Simple and easy juice pulp recipes so that you can utilise the left-over pulp from your juicer and minimize wastage!

    Enjoying your cold press juicer doesn't have to end at simply juice. Although they churn out nutritious juices time after time, they also expel fresh pulp just waiting to be used. What most people don't realise is that the pulp is still full of nutrients and has tonnes of fibre in it. Depending on the fruit or vegetables you are juicing the pulp will either be quite wet or dry, but both will still have a large amount of dietary fibre available. Australians throw out $8 billion worth of food every year and 33% of this is fresh fruit and vegetables.

    At Vitality 4 Life a constant question asked is "What to do with my juice pulp?" With this in mind, we have compiled a small collection of ideas and recipes to add to your collection.

    What can you do with the leftover pulp?


    The first thing you

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