Celery Juice Craze - Fad or Foe?

Celery Juice Craze - Fad or Foe?

Instagram is turning green for the latest superfood - celery juice.

Anthony William the Medical Medium is the man behind the celery juice craze. He claims that we should drink 16oz (500ml) of plain celery juice every morning to radically transform our health and digestion and all in a single week!  Anthony is not a doctor, a nutritionist or a researcher. What he does do is converse with the 'spirit of compassion' for information on how to cure diseases. In particular those that baffle the medical profession. Each to their own of course but does it work?

I can barely stand eating celery so I can’t think of anything worse than to drink celery juice first thing in the morning. However, even if it tastes bad should we listen to the crowd? Juice it up, pinch our noses and just swallow. Or do we stick with the morning cuppa of our choice.

Celery.. upping the anti

Like other ‘superfoods’ out there celery is said to be a powerful healing food. Celery juice is upping the anti when it comes to disease fighting anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities. We need these little superheroes to protect ourselves from many chronic illnesses including cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Ancient cultures thought highly of the powers of celery. Egyptians used the seeds as pain killers whilst the Grecians made celery leaf crowns for their Olympic Games winners. These days Instagram converts claim that celery juice makes their skin looks better and helps them lose weight.

Inflammation - friend or foe

We hear the word anti-inflammatory bandied about all the time but it's not all bad. 

Inflammation is the process by which the body's white blood cells protect us from infections caused by bacteria and viruses. These cells are your body's 'first responders' rushing to your aid when toxins, infection and other injuries occur. Their purpose is to 'heal thyself' by localising and eliminating dangerous agents and removing damaged tissue.

As with most good things sometimes we can have too much of it. in some diseases, like arthritis, the body's immune system triggers an inflammatory response even when there aren't any foreign invaders. In these diseases, called autoimmune diseases, the body's normally protective immune system turns rogue and causes damage to its own tissues. The body responds as if normal tissues are the enemy and turns on them. 

If your ‘first responders’ never take a break their fighting response is constantly triggered. Over over time this can damage the body instead of healing it. That's what happens in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis

Modern science recognises that one of the kings of the anti-inflammatory world is a substance called  ‘Apigenin’ and celery has this in spades. It also contains sodium and potassium helping to absorb fluid and nutrients and flushing our systems of toxins.

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If you need to pump up the anti-inflammatory arsenal in your diet, celery, along with other fruits and vegetables could be your salvation army. If nothing else, the health properties of any fresh food can only be good for you. Juicing and blending is a great way of getting the right amount of nutrient filled foods into your body.

Best juicer for celery

According to Dr Norman W. Walker, when we are juicing we want to remove as many of the fibres as possible as these can be infected with fertilizers, sprays and other toxins.  What we are left with are the enzymes, atoms and molecules that nourish our bodies.

There are two main types of juicers on the market. The centrifugal juicer has fast spinning blades however this process generates heat which can destroy the intended nutrients. The other is a cold press juicer. Cold pressing is slow and deliberate without generating heat. It crushes the organic contents, breaking open the cell wall allowing the release of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that can be easily absorbed. The low impact process also minimizes exposure to air allowing a longer shelf life for your juice.

The horizontal cold press or slow juicer such as a BioChef Axis are best for extracting both  great quality and quantity of juice from fibrous vegetables like celery.

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Good news

If you can't stand the thought of 500ml of pure celery juice first thing in the morning, the Medical Medium will compassionately allow you to add a bit of cucumber, or an apple.

Oh, and don't skip breakfast.

Bottoms up!!


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