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  1. Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

    Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

    Vacuum Blender - Sucking the life back into your blended foods

    It sucks when you spend time creating the perfect smoothie... thick, colourful, tasty and full of nutrients and by the time kids are called they are faced with an unappetising, watery drink, with brown froth on top? Solve the problem with our BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender.

    Oxygen IS life however oxidation of your blended foods does tend to take, not only the fun, but the life, nutrients, flavour and taste out. Bio Chef Astro Vacuum Blenders help suck the life back in to your blended foods and keep it there until YOU are ready to use it.

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  2. CASHEW!! Bless you.

    CASHEW!! Bless you.

    Why are we going nuts for Cashew milk?

    For those who choose a dairy free diet almond milk has been the king of the nut milk world. However it seems that soon almond milk maybe knocked off its lofty throne and be replaced by a new king.. cashew milk. Why?

    cashew, cashew milk, nut milk, cashew butter, byron bay, biochef, blender, juicer

    Apart from the incredible health benefits attributed to the cashew nut the cashew milk just tastes better. It has a less nutty flavour than almond milk and won’t overpower the other flavours in your smoothies. Best of all you don’t have to strain them thereby

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  3. BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender. Fresh food longer.

    BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender. Fresh food longer.

    High powered blenders are getting better and better and vacuum blenders like the BioChef Airfree vacuum blender are taking blending to the next level. For those who want to gain the most out of their healthy living diet here are just five of the many reasons you should definitely try one.

    1. Accessories are key

    With the BioChef Airfree Blender the accessories really make the outfit! Now not only can you make superior smoothies and other blended foods you can vacuum pack store them as well. Using the BioChef Airfree’s vacuum function you can suck the air out of the provided containers and vacuum bags keeping your fruits, meats, vegetables, sandwiches, dehydrated snacks and more fresher for longer - perfect for the lunchbox!

    The Airfree comes with a full storage

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  4. Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

    Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

    In a nutshell YES. People are becoming more and more discerning about what they eat and how they can get the best nutrient filled drink or meal for their healthy body buck. The high powered blender and cold press juicer offer different ways for the body to ingest healthy nutrients, enzymes and just plain deliciousness. Put simply the blender will retain the fibre and the juicer will give you a quicker nutrient blast that can be absorbed more easily. Both a juicer and a blender are important for different reasons but together they are unstoppable.

    What does my cold press juicer do?

    A cold pressed juicer is a masticating cold pressed juice extractor which also doubles as a living food kitchen appliance. The horizontal style auger design crushes almost any type of vegetables and fruits

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  5. Best blender - myth or reality?

    Best blender - myth or reality?

    Is there such a thing as a ‘best blender’?

    best blender

    Vitality 4 Life believes it is neither a myth or a reality. It is simply that the ‘best blender’ is the one that suits your personal needs, what you want to make and your budget. Don’t know how to choose? We are here to help. Whether you are daily blender user or weekly, are dedicated to healthy living or you simply want to make fast, simple, healthy soups and smoothies Vitality 4 Life are here to help you make the right choice.

    Vitality 4 Life have listened to our customers and taken that feedback back to the manufacturers to help create superior products. We have had the opportunity to test many models of blenders (personal, vacuum, high performance, heating, etc) to help you choose a best blender that suits

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  6. Compare Best Bullet Blenders

    Compare Best Bullet Blenders

    Since the introduction of the Nutribullet, which has taken the kitchen appliance category by storm, there has been a flood of like-for-like copycat blenders emerge on the market. They come in vastly different price ranges, promising different nutritional benefits and are heavily marketed online, on TV and in-store. With so many models, which one is best?

    BioChef Nutriboost Bullet Blender Promo
    The leading consumer authority in Australia, Choice, tested single-serve blenders otherwise known as 'bullet blenders' and found the following three brands to be rated as best of category: Nutribullet Pro 900, Trent & Steele TS200 Nutritional Blender and the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender.

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  7. BioChef Living Food Blender Review

    BioChef Living Food Blender Review

    The BioChef Living Food Blender is by far one of our most exciting products to date, and we truly believe that this product will surpass blender standards globally by giving customer access to the very latest technology without the exuberant price tag. This BioChef Living Food Blender Review will outline the reasons why the BioChef Living Blender is the easiest blender to use and operate in the world.

    One of the main priorities of a blender is to essentially speed up the process of crushing, grinding or chopping your produce. We all want a blender which will save us time and which should help you create smoothies, juices, soups etc easily and quickly. There are specific features of blenders which make some easier and quicker to use than others.

    Touch Screen Controls & Preset Functions

    Generally the controls of a blender are an indication of how simple the machine is to use.

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  8. BioChef Blender Range: Compare the models

    BioChef Blender Range: Compare the models

    The BioChef Blender range is quickly becoming the best blender range in the world. The BioChef Blenders are high quality, high performance blenders which are giving the competitors a run for their money! The BioChef Blenders are part of the BioChef Living Kitchen range, which was designed and developed by Vitality 4 Life to create a shift in the way the blender market was moving - no longer are consumers expected to pay upwards of $1000 for a high powered, commercial grade blender; the BioChef range of blenders start at below half that price.

    The BioChef range was developed after more than 20 years of listening to our customers and as such, the BioChef products exceed their counterparts in customer expectations of performance, product life and value for money.

    The BioChef High Performance Blender was released in 2012 and

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  9. Best Blender Reviews

    Best Blender Reviews

    Original high performance blender company, Vitamix has long been considered to the deliver the best of category High Performance Blenders on the market today. Here we test the Vitamix TNC-5200 Total Nutrition Centre against our very own BioChef Living Food Blender to help you decide which is the perfect blender for you.

    The most efficient and effective type of blender is a high

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  10. The Bio Chef Blender is the Total Kitchen Machine

    The Bio Chef Blender is the Total Kitchen Machine

    The Bio Chef Blender is a commercial-grade total Kitchen Machine! Not only can you whip up smoothies, whole fruit juices and cocktails but the Bio Chef Blender will also allow you to make HOT soup, FROZEN ice creams and desserts, baby food, mill grains, knead dough, process, chop, mince and puree!

    The BioChef Blender is called a total kitchen machine for a reason - it can help you create breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, dessert, along with helping with general food preparation! The benefit of owning a BioChef Blender is being able to endlessly create and experiment with different tasty but healthy food options for you and your family.

    With the BioChef Blender there is no need to add extra sugar, salt, fat or preservatives - just natural wholesome food! Be in control of what you are fuelling your body, with the BioChef!

    Blending - At it's best!

    Whether you are creating creamy smoothies, making healthy milk alternatives, making nut butters,

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