Joraform composters have been a central part of the Vitality 4 Life range for more than 12 years. The fondness for this product is due to not only the quality of the workmanship on the units, but the innovative design which produces such quality compost.

Joraform Composters

Composting is simply the end product after the decomposition of organic materials (anything that was once alive). This includes garden waste, kitchen scraps, manure, leaves, grass clippings, straw. Recycling this household waste using composters significantly reduces the impact on local government collection services.

While in theory composting should be reasonably easy, there are common issues which are solved with the Joraform range of composters. Ground based compost heaps or vertical tubs may lack aeration and the essential aerobic bacteria. These tiny microorganisms make compost cook and cannot live in such an oxygen-poor environment. While waterlogged compost heaps welcome anaerobic bacteria, which don't require air to thrive, they will eventually turn into compost, but it could take years.

The Joraform 'Little Pig' and 'Big Pig' composters are horizontal, rotating units with duel compartments. These insulated units, together with the aeration provided as the unit is rotated creates an ideal environment for decomposition. Composted material should be ready in about 6-8 weeks.

The potential of the commercial units are only beginning to be realised. An initiative in the eastern

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