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    Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L
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    Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100
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Joraform Commercial Composters

With a rising global population, climate change, ozone layer depletion, and global warming, commercial composting is being used increasingly around the globe to prevent high volumes of organic waste going to landfill.

The latest statistics suggest that Australians waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food every year throughout the demand and supply chains. This wastage approaches about 312kg per individual, meaning approximately one out of every five bags of groceries, or $2,000 to $2,500, ends up in waste per family each year. Source. This all results in an increased burden on waste management, increased carbon emissions, and the possibility of it developing into a health hazard over time if not treated as soon as possible.

Vitality 4 Life is dedicated to promoting wellness technology and brands that significantly improve personal and planet wellbeing - such as the Joraform commercial composters.

Joraform commercial composters are fully automated and portable, efficient to use and save time, energy, resources, and money. They include the Joraform JK400 Composter, with a 400-litre capacity that can process up to 50-80 litres of waste per week, while the industrial Joraform JK100 can process up to 100 litres of waste per day.

Joraform commercial composters can be tailored to both private homes and businesses: restaurants, hotels and resorts, hospitals, entertainment and sports venues, local communities and parks will all benefit from this commercial composting system. Small to large homes, residential apartment buildings, universities, colleges and schools, to name a few, are also able to take advantage of commercial composting.

A wide variety of materials can be processed in the Joraform commercial composters including household and commercial food waste, green waste, meat, fish, shellfish, compostable coffee cups, lids, and even pet droppings. The commercial composting system can also process small and large scale agricultural waste, and livestock waste, including manures, bones and carcasses, by turning bio-waste into valuable resources through the simple process of commercial composting.

More about Commercial Composing

Commercial composting, also known as ‘Industrial Composting’, involves converting high amounts of organic waste into a sludge consistency that can be decomposed naturally and efficiently. Essentially, waste is collected from municipal bins, local bins, industrial organic waste, and from homes, restaurants, hotels, and parks before being sorted into toxic and non-toxic waste. The non-toxic waste is then broken down through microbial activity until it forms a sludgy consistency.

To complete the composting process, the ‘sludge’ is then mixed with nitrogen-rich compounds by machine, being checked simultaneously for any contaminants such as microplastics or glass pieces that can destroy the quality and, ultimately, the value of a compost batch. Clean compost does not contain toxins, contaminants or rancid smells and is supplied as high-quality fertiliser and for soil improvement to farmers, plant nurseries, or sold to individuals for domestic garden use.

Benefits of using the sustainable Joraform Commercial Composters

  • Decreased transportation of garbage to landfill and reduced carbon footprint. Less transportation means lowered resource usage, energy expenses, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Efficient management of waste as composting significantly reduces the waste accumulated at landfills.
  • Disposes of the unpleasant smell of waste sitting in landfills, which contributes to ozone harming substances such as the greenhouse gas methane.
  • Efficient use of waste, as enormous amounts of solid waste are transformed into biofuel and rich fertilisers.
  • Waste can be transformed into composted fertiliser surprisingly fast (rather than years), and also preserves and adds valuable organisms to the soil.
  • Environmentally friendly as it does not require a lot of energy or human resources.
  • Quality compost that offers high monetary returns.

Vitality 4 Life Best Selling Joraform Commercial Composters

Joraform Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L

The Joraform JK400 Composter has a 400-litre capacity that can process up to 50-80 litres of waste per week. This model is highly recommended for:

  • Small restaurants and cafes
  • Apartment buildings housing 20-35 residents
  • Supermarkets
  • Kindergarten and play schools
  • Small schools and colleges
  • Cloud kitchens
  • Local parks and community gardens

Outstanding Features

  • Robust and unique Swedish design. They possess a superior mixing function and are built with a rotating compost bin that generates heat.
  • Great user experience, being easy to use with convenient high-volume composting and low maintenance.
  • 400 litre capacity and can process approximately 10 litres of waste each day, equating to 50-80 litres of waste per week.
  • Breaks down all food scraps, including meat, fish, shellfish, compostable coffee cups and lids, even animal manure.
  • Utilises the two fundamental principles of good composting - insulation and aeration, creating the ideal environment for decomposition, which normal composters cannot do.
  • Joraform technology includes dual composting compartments, one side being filled with waste while the other, already full, decomposes, to save time and increase efficiency.
  • 1 year warranty

Order Duration: Special Order- 6 To 8 Weeks Contact Details: Call 1800 802 924 Or Email To Discuss

Joraform JK5100 Commercial Composter

The Joraform JK5100 is a commercial or industrial capacity composting unit that can process up to 100 litres of waste per day. The Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100 model is recommended for industries that create a high volume of organic waste.

They are recommended for:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals, clinics and aged care homes
  • Apartments housing up to 100 families
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Food manufacturing businesses and farmers markets
  • Casinos, sports stadiums, and entertainment venues
  • Amusement Parks Hotels and Resorts
  • Cloud kitchens
  • Large schools and universities
  • Agricultural businesses, both crops and livestock

Outstanding Features

  • Swedish design.
  • Robust, unique, and superior mixing function.
  • Fully automatic composting machine - capable of processing up to 100 litres of waste per day.
  • Easy to use and convenient high-volume composting.
  • Compact, with minimal floor space needed to house the unit while being easy to operate.
  • The JK5100 Composter is already being successfully used across Europe and Australia, providing a solution for processing large quantities of green waste that would typically end up in landfill.

How this all works

Joraform commercial composters have a Dual Chamber System that utilise the two fundamental principles of good composting which are 1) insulation and 2) aeration. These create the optimum environment for decomposition which most regular composters cannot do. The Dual Chamber System allows the chambers to operate independently and ensure the best results in the most hygienic conditions. The dual efficient equipment produces high-quality compost.

Step 1

Food waste is deposited into the macerator chamber where a grinder cuts the waste into smaller pieces. This step is essential to making it easier for microbes to decompose the waste. Once macerated, the waste is then ejected into the processing chamber.

Step 2

An automated pellet dispenser ejects wood pellets into the composting chamber at regular intervals. The pellets absorb excess moisture and balance the high nitrogen levels with carbon (carbon also neutralises any smells).

Step 3

In the first chamber, the food waste is aerated and mixed with daily incoming fresh waste through a paddle mixing technique, which occurs every 50 minutes.

Step 4

After two weeks, the mixing mechanism passes the material into the second chamber. This isolates the material from any further contamination with fresh waste. It stays there for another two weeks. The maturation chamber is equipped with an independent mixing system that frequently agitates the compost, ensuring further oxidation and maturation.

Order Duration: Special Order - 6 To 8 Weeks Contact Details: Call 1800 802 924 Or Email to Discuss

Why choose Vitality4Life’s Joraform Composters over others?

Joraform Composters are fully automated and portable.

Using the principles of aeration and insulation, the Joraform commercial composters create the optimum environment for decomposition, which regular composters are unable to do.

Increased efficiency prevents the compost from decaying and giving off unpleasant odours.

Simultaneous dual creation of compost, one side is getting filled while the other is processing the existing contents.

High capacity allows room for more waste which generates higher yields of compost.

Fully engineered air vents draw in air, ultimately providing vital oxygen to the compost microbes resulting in better quality compost.

Flexibility - useful for a diverse range of applications in both domestic and industrial settings.

Technical Information: Aeration & Insulation


The Joraform Restauranteur Composter works on a single, central rotating axis.

The materials inside the composter are effortlessly blended without needing a shovel to turn the materials. The Restauranteur Composter additionally has an enormous turning wheel, so rotation is simple and efficient.

Two air vents are built in at either end of the unit. As the compost is turned, air gets sucked into the composter, which adds vital oxygen into the mixture, essential for microbial activity.


The internal chamber is entirely insulated by high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is UV stabilised and resistant to extreme temperatures. This insulation allows for optimum conditions for microorganisms to thrive, which reduces the processing time and makes compost ready to use in approximately two weeks.

The Joraform Composter’s process is efficient enough that there’s no time for compost to rot or to become rancid. This insulation also ensures there are no problems with pests or rodents as the unit is completely sealed and protected.

Attractive Cost Savings

There is a potential for cost savings on energy and transportation due to the long-term reduction or elimination of waste removal and disposal. The compost can also generate additional income through its commercial sale.

Government Grants Available

The Western Australia Government introduced a program to assist with the further development of natural waste processing. Grants are currently available to assist Western Australian industries & businesses with developing infrastructure to process their natural waste materials. The State Government grants will be matched by the Commonwealth Government from the $57 million Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund.

The Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund intends to expand Australia's natural waste recycling from 48% to 82% by 2030. Read More.

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