All deliveries throughout Australia are still guaranteed. Phone hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 3pm. AFTERPAY limit is now $2000


We are loading parts for your product onto the actual product page. For example, if you have an Oscar 1000, you will see parts at the bottom of that page. This is a work in progress. For Oscar 900 parts, please type 'Oscar 900' into the search bar and you will see a list of parts appear in the results. If you can't find the part you require, please email Customer Service email on or call on 1800 802 924.

Please email or call through with the name of the product and the model. If you have your instruction manual, you should see the correct part name and number which will help us make sure we get the right part to you. 

We are sorry for this temporary inconvenience. 


Vitality 4 Life

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