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  1. Sirena vs Rainbow Water Filtration Vacuum Comparison

    Sirena vs Rainbow Water Filtration Vacuum Comparison

    1 in 9 Australians have asthma – around 2.7 million and many more with allergies. Asthma and allergy sufferers are constantly in discomfort caused by dust and pet hair and are now looking to water filtration vacuums to rid their homes of allergens. Let's compare the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner to the Rainbow and see which is the best.

    Why Choose A Water Filtration Vacuum?

    Water filtration systems like the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner and Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner succeed where traditional vacuum cleansers fail.

    Instead of relying on dust bags to collect dirt, water filtration vacuums force the vacuumed air into a water reservoir, which keeps the dirt trapped within the water and thus prevents it from being blown back into the air.

    This is of critical importance for allergy sufferers who are looking for a hypoallergenic vacuum that can eradicate dust mites and allergens from the home, instead of sucking it in and blowing it back out.

    This blog aims to compare the two popular models of bagless water filtration vacuums on the market: the Sirena vs Rainbow E2 Black Model.

    Let’s take a closer look at the two water-based vacuum cleaners.

    The Sirena vs Rainbow E2 Black

    The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is a Canadian designed and engineered total home cleaning system.

    It uses water-based filtration technology that won’t clog as you vacuum. This means you’ll have 100% uncompromised airflow ensuring a deep and thorough clean. The power of this system will allow you to clean your entire home without the need for nasty chemicals. This includes hard surfaces, carpets, rugs and upholstery.

    The Sirena system also comes with multiple attachment heads and nozzles designed to clean different surfaces in your home.

    Both the Sirena and the Rainbow utilize HEPA filtration to purify the air.

    The Rainbow

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  2. Sirena Vacuum Cleaners for Allergies

    Sirena Vacuum Cleaners for Allergies

    Natural Cleaning with the Sirena System Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

    More and more people are suffering from allergies these days, and it only worsens every year with the arrival of spring The Sirena Water Filtration Vacuum could be just what you need.

    Regular cleaning can help to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by asthma, breathing sensitivities or allergies to dust mites, pet hair, mould and dirt in the home. A high quality HEPA water filtration vacuum cleaner sucks dust, dirt and allergens into water and will not re-emit allergens back into the air...

    Regular vacuuming can can do more harm than good by stirring up particles that were previously settled and blowing it back into the moving air that you breathe. A total nightmare for allergy and asthma sufferers!

    A hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner is the best way forward.

    Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

    What Makes the Best Hypoallergenic Vacuum Cleaner?

    If you’re shopping for a hypoallergenic HEPA vacuum cleaner for asthma and allergies, there are a couple of things to consider.

    Surfaces and Vacuum Type

    Let’s start with the size of your home and the types of surfaces that you intend to clean. Is your home mostly carpeted or do you need to clean hard wooden or tile floors? Your answer will help to determine which type of vacuum you need. Carpeted floors would be better suited to upright models that have a beater bar to whip up the dust and dirt that is located deeper in the shag or pile of the carpet. But if your floors are wood or tile, a canister vacuum

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  3. Why buy eco friendly cleaning products?

    Why buy eco friendly cleaning products?

    We use quite of lot of cleaning products on a day-to-day basis. It's a consumable that we may not think about too much, but they are around us all the time - in the kitchen, the laundry, the bathroom and the garage. The team at Greener Cleaner saw this gap and created a range of eco friendly cleaning products.

    Tools used for 'cleaning' such as kitchen dish brushes, floor scrubbing brushes and general use cleaning brushes have a hard (and short) life by nature. They do the hard work to make dirty areas shine again. And if we are using tools to 'clean', we need these tools to be 'clean'. So they get replaced often and over time, this adds up in quantity.

    There are an infinite number of resources in the world, so we need to constantly and creatively find ways innovate. The kitchen or floor scrubbing brush is not a 'sexy' item in the home but it's worth thinking about.

    Converting waste into new products reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution from incineration, and reduces water pollution from landfilling. By reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal we also lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to plastic production.

    The Greener Cleaner team saw that this was an area that had gained very little attention in environmental terms. This is when the eco friendly cleaning products range was born.

    The unique and patented Eco-Flex technology used in the Greener Cleaner cleaning range is a perfect example of modern recycling at work. You can tell if a product is eco-friendly by looking at the label on the packaging. The packaging of the Greener Cleaner range is also recycled.

    The Eco-Flex material is made from recycled plastic scrap from industrial production of plastic materials and the wood pulp comes from recycled industrial wood pallets. The wood is originally from the Cunninghamia lanceolata fiber – Chinese fir tree.

    So although it may seem like

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