BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

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✓ New 'Wide Mouth' Style horizontal juicer
✓ Offering Excellent Value & Quality
✓ Excels at Juicing Wheatgrass, Celery and Leafy Greens
✓ Food Processor Functions - make pasta, dips, sorbet and more
✓ Pulp Ejection Nozzle - Extract MORE
✓ Ultem and Tritan BPA - Free Parts
✓ 20 Year Warranty on Motor / 10 Years on Parts

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Regular Price: $389

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BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

The Ultimate Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass Juicer

  • The BioChef Axis is compact and very versatile, it is what we call the complete "living food kitchen machine" and it will quickly become an integral part of your daily health and wellness regime.
    The BioChef Axis is the perfect juicer for the avid health-enthusiast, and is able to make detox-quality cold pressed juice, healthy purees, dips and baby foods, nut butters, raw food treats and pure fruit sorbets and much more.


Ideal for juicing leafy and fibrous greens

Make detox quality juices

  • Biochef-Axis-All-Rounder-Lifestyle
  • The horizontal style of the BioChef Axis combined with the superior crushing and squeezing mechanism means the BioChef Axis is more than capable of juicing large quantities of even the most fibrous greens like wheat grass, celery, kale, spinach or medicinal herbs with minimal foam or froth, something that a lot of other styles of slow juicers just simply cannot.
    If you are looking to make green juice on a regular basis, the BioChef Axis is the ideal juicer for you.


Pulp Adjustment Nozzle to extract maximum juice

Made from durable and tough BPA-free materials

  • Biochef-Axis-Frontend-Kit
  • The BioChef Axis come with a Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, an integral part of the effectiveness of the juicer. A Pulp Adjustment Nozzle allows you to alter the pressure under which fruits and vegetables are squeezed, with 5 being the highest pressure, and 0 being the least pressure. Not only does this allow the user to adjust the level of pulp to personal taste, but by adjusting this pressure you can also ensure you are extracting the maximum about of juice from produce at any given time.
    For example when juicing carrots, you would have it on setting 5 to squeeze the maximum juice from hard/dense carrots. You will see the benefit of this in the pulp - it is extremely dry.
    It also means you have better results for softer, more juicer fruits such as oranges or watermelon. With the setting on 0 or 1, you are allowing a freer flow of juice resulting in less backup and better efficiency.
    The BioChef Axis is made from high quality, BPA free materials, making it totally safe for your health.


New ‘Wide Mouth’ Style Feeding Chute - 4.5cm x 4.5cm

Spend less time prepping your produce

  • BioChef-Axis-Juicing-Carrot
  • Save time when juicing with the BioChef Axis thanks to its new 4.5cm x 4.5cm feeding chute. With BioChef Axis it is not necessary to cut the ingredients as small as with other brands. There are even certain foods you can juice whole without having to cut them, for example, carrot, cucumber, celery, spinach, etc.


Easy and quick to clean

Takes less than 3 minutes!

  • BioChef-Axis-Strainers
  • The BioChef Axis juicer can be cleaned much faster than most blenders and juicers on the market. The juicer components have been designed to be easily cleaned with a simple rinse under the tap. The BioChef juicing strainers are much smaller than the strainers used in vertical juciers making them much easier and faster to clean. The BioChef Axis takes less than 3 minutes to clean!


What can I do with BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer?

Fruit and vegetable juices, fresh homemade pasta, sorbets, raw vegan desserts, baby food, sauces and much more

  • BioChef-Axis-Green-Juice
  • BioChef-Axis-Pasta
  • The BioChef Axis easily and quickly re-invents itself from a cold press juicer to a food processor with just the switch of the juicing screen to a blank screen (both included). The blank screen simply has no straining holes, so it doesn't separate the pulp from the juice and uses the crushing mechanism of the auger to puree ingredients instead.
    What you can make with the BioChef Axis: real, natural and preservative-free nut butters, baby foods, dips, purees, bliss balls, fruit sorbets, icecreams, sauces and more!
    The BioChef Axis also comes with 6 different pasta/noodle attachments so you can make fresh and wholesome pasta in minutes!

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What's Included with the BioChef Axis:

Everything you need to get started...

  • BioChef-Axis-Sorbet
  • The BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer comes with:
    - Tritan Juicing Screen & Tritan Blank/Processing Screen
    - Ultem Auger/Squeezing Screw
    - 6 x Pasta/Noodle Attachments
    - 1L Juicing & Pulp Jugs
    - Tamper & Cleaning Brush
    - Comprehensive user manual with recipes to get you started


Additional Information

Silver: JU-BC-AX-AU-SV
Brand BioChef
Model Number BCAX
UPC Silver: 9341061007364
Red: 9341061007371
Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press
Motor Single- Phase Induction
Frequency 50 Hz
Colours Available Red / Silver
Included Accessories Ultem Auger, 1 x Tritan Juicing screen, 1 x Tritan Processing screen, Pasta Attachments, Pulp Ejection Knob, Tamper & Cleaning Brush
Domestic Warranty 20 Years on Motor / 10 Years on Parts
Product Weight 6.3 kg
Shipping Weight 9 kg
Product Dimensions L 38cm x W 18cm x H 33cm
Shipping Dimensions L 45cm x W 23cm x H 28cm
Wattage 150w
Voltage 220-240v
Certified CE Certified
Materials BPA FREE Ultem & Tritan Polycarbonate
Extra Features Horizontal Juicing, Pulp Ejection Nozzle, Large Pasta Attachments
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Leafy Greens