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  1. BioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer
    BioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer
    $349.00 $389.00
  2. BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer - Red
    BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
  3. BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer  -  Silver
    BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer
    $199.00 $249.00
  4. BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer - Red
    BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer
    $239.00 $299.00
    Save 20%
  5.  Cold Press Juicer - Red
    BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer
  6. Oscar Neo 1000 Cold Press Slow Juicer - Burgundy
    Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer
    $512.00 $569.00
    Save 10% on Black
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Cold Press Juicers - Get the best juice you can

If you are in the market for a juicer it is important to make an informed decision and understand the additional benefits cold press juicers offer.

So why a cold press juicer?

Cold press juice is simply superior quality. The quality of cold press juice is evident in both taste and colour. Cold press juice has far more flavour and is more vibrant in colour than what you would see produced from a centrifugal style of juicer.

This result is due to the gentle squeezing action that occurs with a cold press juicer. This action extracts as much liquid as possible from your produce, resulting in pulp that is extremely dry. All the goodness and vibrancy is then retained in your nutrient packed juice.

Additional nutrients are a major advantage when juicing with cold press juicers. Your cold press juicer will retain up to 60% more nutrients than centrifugal style juicers, giving your body a power packed burst of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes. The longevity of these nutrients is maintained due to the gentle nature of cold pressed juicing. Rather than needing to drink your juice instantly to gain benefits, you can store your cold press juice and drink a “living juice” up to 72 hours later.

A cold press juicer is the healthiest way to drink juice. The pressing action with extraction of as much juice as possible results in a higher yield, meaning you make the most of your produce, with the maximum amount of juice produced.

Take a look at our wide selection of juicers.

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