Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

Do I really need a juicer and a blender?

In a nutshell YES it is a perfect kitchen pair to have a juicer and a blender. People are becoming more and more discerning about what they eat and how they can get the best nutrient filled drink or meal for their healthy body buck. The high powered BioChef blenders and cold press BioChef juicers offer different ways for the body to ingest healthy nutrients, enzymes and just plain deliciousness. Put simply the blender will retain the fibre and the juicer will give you a quicker nutrient blast that can be absorbed more easily. Both a juicer and a blender are important for different reasons but together they are unstoppable.

What does a cold press Oscar or BioChef juicer do?

Cold pressed juicers are masticating cold pressed juice extractors that also double as a living food kitchen appliance. The horizontal style auger design crushes almost any type of vegetables and fruits including leafy greens (kale, wheatgrass, herbs, aloe). The crushing and squeezing action mimics our own chewing action by correctly breaking open the cell wall, releasing the nutrients and organic water content while expelling the insoluble fibre.


Without all this indigestible fibre, your body doesn't have to work as hard to break down the vegetables and fruits. Cold pressed vegetable juices deliver nutrients into our bloodstream quickly and in a bio-available form. Juices are included in almost all types of healing and detoxification programs. The cold press juicer is named so because no friction heat is applied to the ingredients meaning all of the important enzymes are retained and remain valid for up to 48 hours. Lets look at the blender and see if we really need a juicer AND a blender.

So why do I need a high powered blender too?

Making drinks in high powered blenders means that all the fibre is retained. A smoothie is a whole food drink and it is the preferable way in which to consume fruits as the retained fibre will slow down the digestive process and prevent rapid spikes in blood sugar levels that can happen when consuming large quantities of juiced fruits.

BioChef Living Food Blender

A high powered blender has a powerful motor with sharp blades that tear apart fibres and skin quickly without heating the ingredients. The fibre is retained in the smoothie keeping you feeling full. A smoothie can even be used as a meal replacement for those on the go. You can also add whole vegetables and in 4 to 8 minutes have a steaming hot soup, your juicer can't do that!

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So all in all, a juicer and a blender both have benefits as a single unit but together they can form the basic cornerstones of a healthy kitchen. Vitality 4 Life takes the pain out of choosing which appliance you should buy so click to see our BioChef of juicers and blenders. If you are short of dollars to buy two try our DEMO products.

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