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  1. Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers are so much more than juicers

    Did you know that horizontal juicers are not just for juicing? Juicers such as the BioChef Axis double as raw food processors. Not only can you make your favourite juices you can also enjoy, nut butters, sorbets, dips, pasta, bread sticks and more.

    You can use a horizontal juicer for most kitchen food processing tasks making them more versatile than a vertical juicer. If you have just had a baby the horizontal juicer will be your best friend in the kitchen quietly making fresh, nutritious baby foods to both eat now and store for later.

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  2. Vitality 4 Life's Raw Vegan Cake Recipes

    Vitality 4 Life's Raw Vegan Cake Recipes

    Raw vegan cakes are perfect for satisfying even the sweetest of sweet tooth! They can be decadent, rich and wholesome and there is such an amazing variety of things you can add to recipes to make them entirely unique. The best part of making raw vegan cakes is that they can be so incredibly simple and easy to whip up! We have compiled our favourite raw vegan cake recipes for you to enjoy!

    Raw vegan cakes are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, with most being completely gluten, lactose and refined sugar free - great for those with food allergies! Being completely raw, they maintain the nutritional content of the raw ingredients and preserve the living nutrients and enzymes. So these sweet treats are actually good for you (it's almost too good to be true!).

    There are some standard tools you will need to help you create raw vegan cakes and a high

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