How many fresh fruits and vegetables do you eat every day? When you add more delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits to your diet you will enjoy a number of health benefits including increased energy, better immune response, more vibrant skin and hair and much more. One of the best ways to eat more of these healthy fruits and vegetables is to drink fresh smoothies and fruit juices, made with one of the excellent blenders and juicers in our range.

Quick and durable, a quality blender will be powerful enough to correctly release the phytonutrients in the seeds, skin and fibre of the ingredients to make health smoothies, particularly from leafy greens. High powered, commercial grade blenders are becoming an essential part of a healthy kitchen. Take a look at the blender range that we have to offer, including several superb Biochef products for your kitchen. Also, take a look at our range of juicers so that you can make fresh juice at home.

Blending can be a great way to eas ily consume superfoods such as maca, cacao, spirulina, chia seeds, goji berries and protein powder – as these foods are much simpler to consume when they are blended into a smoothie. These multipurpose machines can also be used to make steaming hot soups from raw ingredients in 4 - 8 minutes, turn frozen fruit into ice cream, crush ice, grind flour and work as a food processor and chopper. Have fun experimenting in your kitchen and discovering what new treats you can make with your blender.

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