BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender. Fresh food longer.

BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender. Fresh food longer.

High powered blenders are getting better and better and vacuum blenders like the BioChef Airfree vacuum blender are taking blending to the next level. For those who want to gain the most out of their healthy living diet here are just five of the many reasons you should definitely try one.

1. Accessories are key

With the BioChef Airfree Blender the accessories really make the outfit! Now not only can you make superior smoothies and other blended foods you can vacuum pack store them as well. Using the BioChef Airfree’s vacuum function you can suck the air out of the provided containers and vacuum bags keeping your fruits, meats, vegetables, sandwiches, dehydrated snacks and more fresher for longer - perfect for the lunchbox!

The Airfree comes with a full storage solution including  1 x Tumbler, 4 x Storage Containers, 3 Vacuum Bags and 1 Wine Stopper.

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2. Less oxidation, longer shelf life

High powered blenders are amazingly fast and powerful making them extremely popular with blending enthusiasts. However, similar to when we chew, slice and chop, the blend will immediately be subjected to the surrounding air. When food meets air the process is called ‘oxidation’ and as you have probably noticed it pretty much immediately starts to breakdown. It doesn’t just look bad when it turns an unappetising, browny colour, also the all important nutrients, texture and flavour will decline the longer you leave it exposed.

Your BioChef Airfree vacuum blender will suck the air right out of the jug before you start to blend leaving important nutrients intact for longer and it doesn’t stop there! Transfer your blend into one of the provided containers and using the Airfree’s vacuum function you can can once again suck any remaining air out before you seal it.

Twice the vacuum power - twice the freshness.

3. It's healthier!

Fat soluble vitamins A and E along with Vitamin C and D are rapidly affected when introduced to oxygen. We really need these precious anti-oxidants to keep us healthier for longer. When food is oxidised these disease fighting warriors will decrease turning your smoothies, sauces and buttes rancid, inconsistent and less tasty.

BioChef Airfree vacuum blender, accessories

 4. “Looks good enough to eat”

We all know food tastes better when it looks good. Top chefs have known this for years and are in a constant competition to make their meals look more and more colourful and artistically arranged (and charging more too).

Scientists also say that brightly colour fruits and vegetables have more health benefits. The phytochemicals (such as lycopene and anthocyanins) in red fruits and vegetables for example may help protect against certain cancers, lower risk of diabetes, support eye health, and improve skin appearance.

As your BioChef Airfree vacuum blender reduces this oxidation your food will retain its vibrant colours, nutrients and flavours for longer.

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5. Good for your health and your wealth

With your BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender you may never have to throw your leftovers out again. Expensive foods such as avocados that turn brown very quickly can be stored after slicing and retain their gorgeous green colour, flavour and nutrients for longer.

If you have a food dehydrator as part of your healthy living kitchen you can also dry your leftovers and have healthy snacks to nibble on at all times of the day.

You will never have a mushy, smelly bunch of leftover herbs in the bottom of the fridge again. If after a week or so you still have some left you can dehydrate and store for use to up to six months.

Vitality 4 Life is sharing an exclusive Australian launch with Kitchen Warehouse for the BioChef Airfree Vacuum Blender so follow the link and start vacuum blending today.