Best blender - myth or reality?

Best blender - myth or reality?

Is there such a thing as a ‘best blender’?

best blender

Vitality 4 Life believes it is neither a myth or a reality. It is simply that the ‘best blender’ is the one that suits your personal needs, what you want to make and your budget. Don’t know how to choose? We are here to help. Whether you are daily blender user or weekly, are dedicated to healthy living or you simply want to make fast, simple, healthy soups and smoothies Vitality 4 Life are here to help you make the right choice.

Vitality 4 Life have listened to our customers and taken that feedback back to the manufacturers to help create superior products. We have had the opportunity to test many models of blenders (personal, vacuum, high performance, heating, etc) to help you choose a best blender that suits your personal needs.

Let’s start with the basics...

What is a blender?

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Simply put, a blender is used to grind and mix. It has a high bowl that has an average capacity of 1 to 2 litres. Compared with a classic mixer (plunge mixer type) it is much more powerful and allows you to get smoother textures. There are vacuum blenders that will considerably reduce oxidation of your food for a longer shelf life and that heat your soup as you blend.

Mostly the engine is located below the bowl, turning blades that will grind the food. Some heated blenders have the motor above and below the bowl.

Money matters?

Blenders can range from $50 up to $1500 depending on quality and whether it is for home use or commercial. The range is very wide between the mini, the high performing or the vacuum blender. There is a whole world of blenders out there! The price depends on the place of manufacture, the place of assembly, of course also the quality of the product, the materials used, the reliability.

As with most products on the market a $50 blender may not be as good as a $250 blender. Remember that often you get what you pay for and that a cheap blender may not last as long as an average range. Everything depends of course on the use. A higher quality product on sale or a demonstration model is a good way to go if funds are tight.

Vitality 4 Life has chosen its blender range based on quality not quantity, nutritional value and making sure they are a useful tool to complement your healthy living kitchen.

We make the choice of best blender easy for our customers by providing up to the minute technology and the best of the best.

Bowls, bowls, bowls - which is best?

Blender bowls are mostly BPA free plastic. These are strong and versatile, do not break and are not as heavy as glass can be. They also withstand heat extremely well. Glass bowls do make it easier for you to see the mixture giving you more control. Stainless steel is unbreakable and heatproof particularly good for heated blenders or those that heat using friction such as your high speed blenders.

So, for example if 'seeing' is believing for you, glass would be the way to go. If you like it hot, try stainless steel. If you are looking for versatility BPS free plastic is a sure fit for you.

Cleaning - love it or hate it?

cleaning, blades, best blender

For most blenders the cleaning is simple. You just fill the bowl with lukewarm water with a cleaning product, operate the device then rinse. With some some models, particularly personal blenders, the blades are removable and can be washed separately.

Always remember to rinse your blender quickly after use before your ingredients start to get clingy and you regret the relationship completely.

Most importantly what do you want to make with your blender?

best blender

Are you single? The mini/personal blender is perfect for making smaller quantities. Very handy when you have a little sauce to make, a smoothie for 1 person, reduce powder spices or a small salad dressing. There are bargains to be found however do remember that they cannot blend large amounts without overheating. Smaller is best here. Often the block of blades unscrews on mini blenders making cleaning easy.  Some personal blenders are as powerful as classic models and can run several minutes in a row (+ 10 minutes is a powerful mini blender). Check the specifications carefully, a higher price is a good indication too.

There are many reasons to purchase a traditional high performance blender without all the fancy doo dahs. They are robust, live a very long time without falling apart and also heat your soup for you. What's not to like? You can make your smoothies, soups, vegetable purees, nut milks, chop stuff and even pound ice cream if you wanted to. If you have a family there is enough for everyone. Click here for some delicious recipes you can make with your best blender.

Coming soon is the newest addition to our Vitality 4 Life family. The BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender has a glass 1litre jug perfect for couples and we are very excited. So keep an eye out. The vacuum technology will essentially suck the air out and the nutrients back in to your smoothie slowing down oxidation and lengthening shelf life. So, by the time you get to work it wont have turned into liquidy, mushy unappetising goo. Nutrients are kept in longer and by the time the kids run from the bedroom to the kitchen it will still look colourful and taste delicious. Perfect.

Remember though, no hot foods in this one or powder such as grinding flour as it can damage the vacuum system.

Technical Stuff

What is a watt and is it important? A watt is simply a measurement of power. Even though important, higher wattage does not necessarily guarantee better quality. You should also look at the RPM which is the revolutions per minute of the blades that blend your food. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not mentioned in the specifications but if it is when comparing your blender a higher RPM is something to consider for a superior mix.

Strong Blades

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Just as the Samurai loved their swords we love our high quality Japanese stainless steel blades. Remember though, having the sharpest blades does not necessarily mean the best quality. Often they are used to overcome a less powerful machine and will eventually wear out.

Taking it easy -manual or LED touch technology?

Some people just like to do things themselves, is that you? If so, a manual dial could be the way to go allowing you complete control over the blending process. If you are a bit lazier or trust technology a bit more, your best blender could have touch button control which is very handy. There may also be a touch control pulse button on your blender to also allow you some control of the blend.

Goody Bag

We all love receiving extra goodies when we buy something important. Check the additional accessories included, extra jug, tamping tools, recipe books etc for that extra bit of excitement when we open the box. These little extras could be the things that help you choose your own best blender.

Last but not least - do we care about looks?

best blender colours

Are looks important to you? Will your best blender be 'best in show' or hidden away in the dog house? There are many designs and colours and everyone’s taste is different. Maybe you want to choose less vibrant colours to blend in anywhere. especially if you move house a lot, or you might like to make a statement.

Shiny red perhaps? Rose Gold? Vitality 4 Life provide colour options to suit all of your needs.

Whilst choosing your 'best blender' check out our other living food products that will help complete your healthy living kitchen. Such as juicers and food dehydrators. Remember Vitality IS Life.


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