BioChef Living Food Blender Review

BioChef Living Food Blender Review

The BioChef Living Food Blender is by far one of our most exciting products to date, and we truly believe that this product will surpass blender standards globally by giving customer access to the very latest technology without the exuberant price tag. This BioChef Living Food Blender Review will outline the reasons why the BioChef Living Blender is the easiest blender to use and operate in the world.

One of the main priorities of a blender is to essentially speed up the process of crushing, grinding or chopping your produce. We all want a blender which will save us time and which should help you create smoothies, juices, soups etc easily and quickly. There are specific features of blenders which make some easier and quicker to use than others.

Touch Screen Controls & Preset Functions

Generally the controls of a blender are an indication of how simple the machine is to use. A machine which has limited to no controls means that the blending will stay at the same speed throughout and will result in uneven consistency and varying results. Also it will mean that the process is completely reliant on your judgement and you will have to watch over the blender for the processing time, meaning you can't do other things in the kitchen while this is happening.

BioChef Living Blender ControlsWe have heard time and time again of customers who love the theatre of a blender demonstration and if your in the market for a high powered blender you will have seen them. However when they get the product home, whipping up the demonstrated recipes just isn't that easy. Customers become disappointed with their new appliance and it sits in the bottom cupboard and gathers dust. The BioChef Living Food Blender takes all of the guesswork out of blending and its simple pre-set functions mean that you no longer need adjust speeds/power and time.

We have found the BioChef Living Food Blender to have the most comprehensive controls of any blender on the market, with unique Swipe Touch Control which allows you to adjust the speed precisely and accurately with just swipe of a finger. Up for higher power, and a down swipe for lower power. Also the 6 pre-set functions allow you to simply set and forget, and let the blender do all of the work (that's how it should be right?).

The pre-set programs include 'smoothies', 'grind grains & coffee', 'hot soup', 'make condiments', 'chop vegetables' and 'hot beverages' and you just simply select the function and the blender will accurately blend the produce in the correct pattern every time. You will see and hear the blender change it's own speed and automatically make adjustments based on what is inside the jug. If there is any kind of resistance the blender will increase it's power and decrease if it detects easy movement.

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EPT™ Enzyme Protection Technology™

BioChef Living Food Blender EPTThe BioChef Living Food Blender is also the first blender in the world to feature EPT (Enzyme Protection Technology). EPT technology guarantees the maximum retention of nutrients and enzymes from produce being blended. The tamper or assistance stick allows you to control the temperature of the food you are blending with a digital thermometer. When fruits and vegetables are heated over 40 degrees, you begin to loose some of the vital nutrients and enzymes. With the BioChef Living Food Blender, you are completely in control of the temperature of your food and can benefit from the maximum amount of nutrients!

As a high powered blender, the BioChef Living Food Blender will pulverize skins, peels and seeds and give your body the unlocked nutrients from these parts of the fruits and vegetables. A high speed blender is so powerful, it breaks the cell-wall in foods and increases the bioavability for your body to absorb the nutrients and enzymes easier and quicker. In it's simplest form, your body doesn't need to work as hard to break down the food, it can just take what it needs quickly and efficiently.

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BioChef Living Food Blender Gifts
The BioChef Living Food Blender comes with everything you will need to get blending!

  • BioChef Recipe Book
  • BioChef Smoothie Bottle
  • Health documentary 'Hungry for Change'
  • 1 month subscription to

Our multilingual BioChef Recipe Book features 80+ healthy living recipes which are designed specifically for the BioChef products. Everything from smoothies to nut butter to condiments and desserts - and all healthy!

The BioChef Smoothie Bottle is BPA free and is perfect for enjoying your delicious smoothies on the go! Perfect for taking to the gym, work, school or the office and is completely sealed so can be thrown in your bag to be enjoyed later.

Food Matters is an internationally acclaimed health documentary which has inspired thousands of people to make a change in the way they look at food. Hungry for Change is another film in the series which looks at the diet industry and is also a must-see! You will also receive a complimentary 1 month subscription to, an online health TV channel, with hundreds of inspiring and powerful documentaries.

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"We just bought your newest Bio Chef Living Food Blender! Awesome product! Once my husband saw your newest model "Living Food Blender" and carefully inspected it (and compared it to the other top blenders) he said we have to get your LFB! He is an aircraft engineer so the build quality, function and design are of major importance to him. He was so impressed with its top quality components, its very intelligent design, awesome power and smart looking profile (he calls it the Mac of blenders!), he called it the "next generation blender". So well done on a great product. We also noticed how quiet it is for such a powerful motor. The temp sensor is a smart feature, too. Thanks, too, for the inspiring Cd "Hungry for Change" and cook book. Well done on this amazing product!"

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