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  1. 7 Healthier Snack Recipes to Try with a Food Dehydrator

    7 Healthier Snack Recipes to Try with a Food Dehydrator

    Make your own! Try these easy and (much) healthier snack recipes using a food dehydrator.

    Snacks can easily be one of our biggest and unknown over-indulgences, with most snacks packed with hidden refined sugar, preservatives and colouring. Making your own snacks will not only save money but you can control exactly what goes into them, meaning the end result is much more wholesome and nourishing. Take a look at our dehydrator snack recipes below:

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    Beetroot & Sweet Potato Chips
    Kale Chips
    Dried Fruit
    Mixed Berry Fruit Rollup
    Apricot & Coconut Fruit Rollup
    Activated Muesli Bars
    Gluten & Dairy Free Bread
    Beef Jerky

    Beetroot & Sweet Potato Chips

    Dried not fried! Use your favourite vegetables to create healthy chips.

    • 1 large sweet potato (yam)
    • 3 whole beetroots
    • 1 tbsp paprika
    • 2 tbsp of oil (coconut or olive)
    • Rock salt to season

    1. Thinly slice sweet potato and beetroot, ideally into 3mm slices. The thicker the chips, the longer drying time they will require.

    2. Place slices into mixing bowl and toss with oil and paprika.

    3. Dehydrate at 55°C for 8 hours. Adjust drying time depending on thickness of vegetable slices

    4. Season with sea salt

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  2. Green Juice Recipes & Benefits

    Green Juice Recipes & Benefits

    What is so special about green juice? Green juice has become very popular in recent times but the healing power of green juice has been known by the founders of natural medicine Dr Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore and Dr Max Gerson for decades. They have been using both green juice and wheatgrass to heal themselves and others of cancer and other chronic diseases.

    A cold press juicer is the only type of juicer which will be able to extract juice from green vegetables efficiently due to the extraction method of gently squeezing the produce.

    But how can one drink be so powerful? We will outline the benefits of drinking green juice and provide some juicing inspiration with our best green juice recipes.

    Green juices are alkaline

    Our bodies crave a balance between acidity and alkaline. Some foods like meat, dairy, wheat, refined sugar and processed foods as well as alcohol and other lifestyle choices cause our bodies to become more acidic. An acidic environment becomes toxic for the body and is said to lead to diseases such as cancer and arthritis. By consuming more alkaline foods we are helping our bodies to balance our pH levels (this is what alkalinity vs acidity is determined by). Green vegetables are highly alkaline and form the basis of any alkaline diet - especially leafy green vegetables such a wheatgrass, spinach, celery and kale. Many green juice recipes include herbs and sprouts which are among the top alkaline foods.

    Green juice for detox

    Green vegetables, especially leafy green ones, release chlorophyll into the liver which encourages the breakdown of toxins by neutralizing them and aids overall liver function. Chlorophyll purifies the liver and helps to rebuild

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  3. Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Bright, fresh and blemish free skin is something that we would all like to have. Cosmetic and topical procedures and creams may go some way to moisturise or rectify skins problems from the outside, but essentially, our skin health depends on what we put into our bodies. Our skin is one of the first places for most where a lack of nutrition shows- we see it in blemishes, acne, discolouration, blotching, pigments and lacking an overall glow. We have compiled some information and juice recipes for skin health, also focusing specifically on dry skin, ageing skin and acne.

    Here are some super juice recipes for skin health with purposefully combined ingredients.

    Juice Recipes for Skin Health

    Our collection of juice recipes which will give overall vitality and radiance to skin of any age or type. Get glowing skin by providing your body with much needed nutrients and see the difference in your skin.

    Green Juice

    Brighten Up Baby

    • 4 carrots
    • Handful of spinach
    • Handful of parsley
    • 1/2 apple

    Carrots are packed with vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cells from degenerating, helps to slow aging, and maintain a youthful appearance. Vitamin A helps the body to maintain tissue growth along with healthy vision, bones, and teeth. Carrots also have a nice amount of vitamin C, which helps the body produce collagen. Collagen is essential for skin elasticity, preventing wrinkles, and slowing signs of aging. The potassium in carrots plays a role in the growth of new skin cells, helping the body maintain the proper electrolyte balance, reduce acne and blemishes, and prevent and cure scars or dark spots on the skin.

    Parsley has a detoxifying

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  4. Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: Tips & Recipes

    Juice Recipes for Weight Loss: Tips & Recipes

    As the industry leader in juicing and cold press juicers in Australia, Vitality 4 Life has an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to what to juice, how often and in which combination is best for weight loss, cleansing and juice diets.

    Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

    When it comes to juicing for weight loss, in recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of "juice diets" and "juice cleanses". We all want long-term results when it comes to weight loss so it is important to consider which approach to dieting or cleansing will help you achieve and maintain your desired weight loss goal. You can read more about juice diets here. In this article we have compiled our favourite juice recipes for weight loss, and the reasons why the ingredients will assist and support weight loss. This will help you to create your own recipes too, depending on your preferred flavours.


    Vitality 4 Life was founded on the principles of the The Hippocrates Health Institute, which, in a nutshell, encourages an 80% raw food diet, high in living food and cold pressed juices which retain very important enzymes and a maximum amount of nutrients. The gentle nature of the extraction method (originally using the Norwalk juicing press but now made possible with high quality twin and single gear juicers such as the Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer, Oscar Neo DA 1000 and the Axis

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  5. Compare Food Dehydrator Australia

    Compare Food Dehydrator Australia

    Compare food dehydrators in Australia with our handy Food Dehydrator Comparison tables. Below we outline the features and benefits of each dehydrator, making it easier for you to make the right choice.

    BioChef vs Excalibur vs Sedona
    Square vs Circular Dehydrators
    Which Dehydrator is Right for Me?

    Compare BioChef, Excalibur & Sedona Dehydrators

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  6. Christmas Juice Recipes

    Christmas Juice Recipes

    Enjoy your family Christmas with these delicious juice recipes. Reduce stress, stay healthy and great for the kids too. A great alternative to alcohol OR you can mix with your favourite beveridge

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  7. Superfood Profile: Health Benefits of Apples

    Superfood Profile: Health Benefits of Apples

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? We are here to tell you that this old saying could in fact be quite true! Apples are a very common fruit and can be found in most homes across Australia. We all eat apples, but do we know what they are actually doing for us? We are here to investigate why apples are so popular and what are the benefits of apples. Most importantly, we will focus on why you should juice apples and share some of our favourite apple juice recipes!

    While we all know fruits and vegetables are good for us - just like most fruits and vegetables the health benefits are quite astounding when you take a closer look. Once you start to understand the nutrition your body gets from different fruits and vegetables, you can really start to target your diet to achieve your personal optimum health, prevent illness and give your body overall vitality!

    Apples are rich in complex antioxidants which help the body fight many diseases and are pivotal in disease prevention. A diet containing apples can help someone maintain a healthy weight and/or lose weight, improve lung function and reduce risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples:

    1. Weight Control & Management

    Apples are a great natural source of fibre. The fibre found in apples is a complex natural fibre meaning our body takes longer to break it down and will there for keep you fuller for longer. An apple is the perfect snack for those who are wanting to either lose weight as they will both satisfy a sweet tooth naturally and also keep you full so you don't reach for an unhealthy snack! Apples are widely known for being one of the best fruits for losing weight. Dried apples are also a great healthy snack and gives you another option for snacking.

    Green apples are the best fruit to include in your cold press juice if you need to add a little sweetness to any vegetable juice. Apples contain fibre which helps to break

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  8. Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers - not just for juice

    Horizontal juicers are so much more than juicers

    Did you know that horizontal juicers are not just for juicing? Juicers such as the BioChef Axis double as raw food processors. Not only can you make your favourite juices you can also enjoy, nut butters, sorbets, dips, pasta, bread sticks and more.

    You can use horizontal BioChef juicers for most kitchen food processing tasks making them more versatile than a vertical juicer. If you have just had a baby the horizontal juicer will be your best friend in the kitchen quietly making fresh, nutritious baby foods to both eat now and store for later.

    cold press juice, not just for juice, horizontal juicers, biochef, byron bay

    Living Food Processors

    Most cold press horizontal juicers such as the Oscar Neo 1000 and the Oscar Neo 12000 come with a variety of different attachments turning your juicer into a food processor. The mincing screen is used to puree, emulsify and crush the ingredients turning them into a paste or sauce. For example, basil, garlic, lemon, pine nuts, olive oil and Parmesan can be alternatively fed into the machine where it is crushed and extruded as a fresh living basil pesto. When made with the juicer you won't believe the taste of this pesto! It is completely different using a cold press juicer / living

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  9. 10 Reasons to Buy a Food Dehydrator

    10 Reasons to Buy a Food Dehydrator

    A food dehydrator is an electric appliance which uses both air and heat to remove the moisture or water content from foods. Water is what makes food spoil or go bad and without water, bacteria and mould can't grow. Bacteria, yeasts and molds need the water in the food to grow, and drying effectively prevents them from surviving in the food. Usually a fan and a heating element are used to create the dehydration environment.

    Drying food using sun and wind to prevent spoilage has been practiced since ancient times, and was the earliest form of food preservation - it helped our ancestors through droughts and famines. Fortunately, today's technology has made this process much easier and more effective, with modern day dehydrators regulating the temperature for even and consistent drying.

    Read on to discover the top 10 reasons why so many people are using dehydrators to dry their foods, today!


    Food Dehydrators

    1. Dehydrated foods taste great

    Using a food dehydrator to remove moisture from food items such as fruits, vegetables and meats, creates naturally concentrated, rich and delicious tasting food.

    Not only that, but when making food yourself, you know the quality and freshness of the produce you are using - unlike when eating dehydrated foods purchased from the grocery store.

    2. Reduce food waste and extend shelf life

    Never waste food again with a food dehydrator. Using your leftover fruits and vegetables in a food dehydrator will extend their shelf life for up to 2 years! Yes, that's right - 2 years!

    Below are just a few ways you can reduce food waste by preserving food with a dehydrator and keeping your pantry stocked year round whilst

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  10. Top 10 Green Smoothie Recipes

    Top 10 Green Smoothie Recipes

    Vitality 4 Life's collection of easy and super nutritious green smoothie recipes. These green smoothie recipes have come from our customers, our staff and are also based off the knowledge and principles of leading natural health experts like Dr. Norman Walker and the documented "founder" of green smoothies Victoria Boutenko.

    A green smoothie has some amazing health benefits and is such a fantastic way to get a big dose of green vegetables into your diet everyday quickly and easily. Packed full of fibre, folate, iron, maganese and potassium, a green smoothie is like a super charged nutrient injection for your body.

    Green smoothies have gained popularity in recent years, with celebrities and high profile dietitians taking a particular liking to the green smoothie. Green smoothies are used as part of detox programs and weight loss programs worldwide and those that consume green smoothies daily swear by their increased energy, effortless weight loss, glowing skin and resilient immune system.

    We know that green smoothies can be a daunting thought for those who are just starting out. Some of you may have had an unpleasant experience with a chunky "green smoothie" which literally tasted like grass. We are here to prove that a green smoothie can be both super healthy and super delicious. It's great to start out with green smoothies which are a little easier on the taste buds and work your way up to the more hard core super green veggie smoothies. Usually for beginners, simply adding more fruit to a green smoothie will make it sweeter and more palatable. This article is compiled of our top 10 favourite green smoothie recipes so is a mixture of green smoothie recipes for beginners and super green smoothies.

    First and foremost, if you are attempting to start making green smoothies, you will need a blender which can handle the fibrous

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  11. Cold Press Juice Recipes

    Cold Press Juice Recipes

    This is your portal for our wide selection of Cold Press Juice Recipes. As leaders in the juicing industry we have the knowledge and experience when it comes to juicing. Guided by the principles and teachings of leading health professionals such as Anna Wigmore, Dr Norman Walker, Dr Mercola and many more. We are constantly inspired by our customers who have been sharing their recipes, stories, thoughts and feedback with us for years! We have complied all of this juicy information (pun intended!) into a range of articles which are designed to help you along your health journey! Depending on what you are looking to achieve from juicing, we will have an article to help you; be it for weight-loss, detoxing, as part of a treatment program for illness or even just because you love a fresh glass of juice!

    By selecting a cold press juicer you are actively looking to improve or enrich an aspect of your health and well being, so we have split our juice recipes so that you can specifically target health concerns. We have included comprehensive information about the benefits of the fruits and vegetables in the recipes and how they are beneficial for assisting with those health concerns.

    A cold press juicer is an investment in your health and gives you the ability to create healthy drinks made from a very wide variety of ingredients. It is a great opportunity to experiment with different fruits and vegetables and some which you have never tried before. Cold press juicers create a full-bodied and rich juice and the addition of punchy flavours will really give your juice a kick!

    See our wide range of cold press juicers and find out which one is the best for you!

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  12. 10 N’ice-Cream & Sorbet Blender Recipes to Enjoy This Summer

    10 N’ice-Cream & Sorbet Blender Recipes to Enjoy This Summer

    We’ve put together a selection of delicious and healthy ice cream and sorbet recipes that you can make quickly and easily using your BioChef Blender and enjoy the tastes of Summer. From coconut to banana, peaches to blueberries, and even Kale You won’t be disappointed with these no guilt, n’ice cream and sorbet desserts.

    Coconut Ice CreamThese ice cream (or what we like to call n'ice cream) and sorbet recipes have been designed specifically with the BioChef Atlas Power Blender and the BioChef Living Food Blender in mind however you can also use the BioChef High Performance Blender – simply blend on ‘medium’ or ‘high’ in place or using the ‘ice-cream’ setting.

    Important: When using frozen fruit, make sure you allow your fruit to slightly defrost by taking it out of the freezer 10 minutes before putting it into the blender.

    ‘Milk’ in these recipes can be substituted depending on your dietary requirements. Coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and dairy milks are all fine to use.


    Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

    Deceptively creamy but dairy-free, this delicious ice-cream is like a coconut party in your mouth.

    Serves: 3 - 4


    • ½ cup coconut milk
    • ¼ cup unsweetened flaked coconut
    • ¼ cup maple syrup
    • ½ tsp vanilla
    • 2
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