Lose weight at home with WalkSlim Walking Treadmill

Lose weight at home with WalkSlim Walking Treadmill

Easy exercise at home after baby or any break from exercise..

by Guest Blogger - Vanessa Bartlett
Presenter, Author, Instructor
'VanessaB Health & Pilates'

After I had my first baby it was super tricky getting back into exercise. In fact, I couldn’t walk properly for three months, had abdominal separation and back pain.

I wanted to walk, but even going up the driveway was hard for so long!

Not only that, but the time I used to have for exercise was reduced by at least half or more. Realistically, getting in 10 minutes was a huge achievement of just some light bodyweight exercises.

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Then it dawned on me.

Why was I worrying about this and stressing about getting out with the baby all the time? I love exercising at home at my own convenience, so I got a Vitality4life WalkSlim Home Treadmill.

Now, as a personal trainer who needed to get back into exercise myself I knew I needed to get my cardio up again to shed a few kilos, get fitter and build up my body again without any heavy loads or impact.

Running was out of the question due to a back injury and weakened pelvic floor, plus I much preferred walking anyway.

As soon as I got this treadmill I loved it.

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Why? Because it was simple to set up and use to exercise at home.

Yep, no fancy-schmancy stuff. I just unwrapped it, oiled the belt, tightened two screws (with the allen key they give you!) and then plugged it in.

Less than a 5 minute set up from the box to the living room. Hooray! At last something quick and easy to set up around my new bub.

The other thing was that I didn’t need to pair it with any devices or apps, I literally press the remote on, start walking and increase the speed with each click of the remote very gradually.

The simplicity of this WalkSlim home treadmill was by far better than the all the treadmills I had used at the gym in previous years. Why? Because it is simple to set up and use and takes up very little space allowing easier exercise at home.

Sure, the larger commercial treadmills are great for those who want high speeds, high hill inclines and programs, but they do take up a lot of space, can be tricky to work. And let’s face it, most people do not even use a third of the programs or reach the higher speeds on there anyway.

If you are wanting to get back into exercise at home as a new parent, or if you have had a break from exercise and know you need to get moving, this is a great choice.

The speed goes up to 6.0km per hour, which for most of us is a nice brisk walk. If you are not a runner or do not like walking outdoors due to safety, uneven footpaths or weather variations then you will love this.

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The question though, comes down to your own health.

Are you doing 20 to 30 minutes a day of exercise? If not then you are missing out on the maintenance of your heart health, breathing better, keeping mobile and limber throughout your body, and bone density.

No matter what age you need to be doing regular exercise as recommended by doctors and health organisations around the world.

Whenever I had clients returning to exercise or starting as a newbie I would recommend walking as their number one form of movement before anything else.


Because it is a fundamental movement that we all perform everyday. And unfortunately with obesity on the rise, an increase in sedentary jobs and technology, we now have more issues with back pain, aches, weak knees, poor posture and imbalanced bodies more than ever.

This has made the simple task of walking more and more difficult.

Let alone keeping up with busy children, work, and juggling life as it is each day.

Another thing I’ve noticed in recent years is the decline in people’s energy. No longer are people coming to me with simply an issue of weight loss, but it’s more common that we need help with managing stress and boosting our energy levels.

When I started walking on the Walkslim to exercise at home it was literally for five or 6 minutes day that first week.

Then I increased it to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, which is all I have time for around a busy toddler now anyway!

I noticed my breathing started to get easier, and I always felt energised and distressed after finishing that short workout.

Consider reaching for the Walkslim instead of caffeine or an energy drink during that mid-afternoon slump. It will do you wonders at any time of the day, though.

As much as our bodies and minds have evolved and technology has brought us so much convenience in life, it has come at a cost.

And rather than making fitness and health complicated when there is enough stress we need to deal with, I believe we can keep it super simple.

Exercise at home to get back to walking 15 to 30 minutes a day at a pace where you feel a slight increase in your breathing and a light sweat, and this will be doing so much for your body and mind with boosting your fat burning ability, helping you stand in a taller posture, helping bone density, keeping you fit to keep up with your family and life’s demands and importantly, help you destress.

There is something mindful and meditative about walking. And a heap of successful people around the world have used it as a time out exercise at home or work to help them switch on the creative part of their brain (yep, there are studies to show that when you are more relaxed your brain works more effectively on problem solving.)

So it comes down to you asking yourself one question today. Are you happy with the state of your wellbeing right now?

Consider exercising at home by walking, right in the comfort of your own space as a way to take you back to energy, improved wellbeing and feeling fitter again.

The issue of the weather, time, safety outside or uneven footpaths will never be an issue for you again with the Walkslim.

Best of luck with your health journey! Let us know if we can help you in any way, or if you have questions at all, please contact our support team.