Why buy cold press vertical juicers

Why buy cold press vertical juicers

Why buy a Vertical Cold Press Slow Juicer

Cold press vertical juicers have literally changed the juicing industry - bridging the gap between the "convenience appeal" of the centrifugal juicer and the health benefits associated with the horizontal cold press slow juicers.

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Small Kitchen Footprint

Our range of BioChef juicers including cold press vertical juicers have a small base that easily fit into any small apartment or tiny home. The chute can be removed making it easier to store away in the cupboard when not in use.


Value for Money

Our unrealised dream was to maturate our own brand and so BioChef juicers were developed and designed with user-centric principles and "value" at the core of our methodology.

We are proud to offer a range of cold press juicers that provide efficiency and effectiveness for the user. At the heart of the brand, BioChef is an innovative blend of user-centric design and "Value" through price and product quality as evidenced by the long warranties we are able to uphold.

Our vertical juicers price range is between $200 and $400 making it an easy decision to purchase especially for first time buyers that are new to the world of juicing. Other brands can cost up to $900 for a similar, sometimes inferior product. as our BioChef brand.


Original Cold Press Juicer Company in Australia

As the original juicer company, Vitality 4 Life has been in the business for over 25 years and as such we know our customer base very well. We have a great customer service team who are juicing experts. Give us a call if you need to discuss the right juicer for you.

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Why do people buy a cold press juicer?

Our friends at Naturopress surveyed 326 people to find out their motivation behind buying a juicer, and the results are very interesting:


    • 25% said they bought a juicer because they wanted to lose weight.
    • 22% said they purchased a juicer for health because they have a condition.
    • 17% for general health and well being (no condition)
    • 12.5% said they bought a juicer after watching a juicing documentary.
    • 10% said they wanted to try a juice cleanse / detox
    • 9% said it was for both health and weight loss.
    • Only 0.61% said they bought a juicer because they liked the taste of juice!


Why is slow juicing better?

Centrifugal or fast juicers are a great way to get nutrients into your system quickly and efficiently. However, for those who wish to have a greater yield, more nutrient filled juice it is better to use a slow juicer. Centrifugal juicers tend to create heat and this can increase the oxidation of your juice. The more your juice is exposed to the air and heat the quicker it will discolour and lose precious living enzymes.  Juices from a slow, masticating juicer are longer lasting and hold their flavour and texture. The masticating or chewing action of BioChef juicers or slow juicers breaks down the cellular walls of the fruits and vegetables more effectively releasing the nutrients in the plants cells and membranes.


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