Get back into exercise with VibroSlim Vibration

Get back into exercise with VibroSlim Vibration

Has it been a long time since you exercised?

Getting back into exercise is easy with VibroSlim Vibration technology.  De-stress and lose weight starting now.


By Guest Blogger: Vanessa Bartlett
Lifestyle Coach, Writer,


Today there is no doubt that stress is on the rise. Our bodies and minds are pushed to the limit with busy schedules, family life, work, social activities, running around, not to mention the impact of being online and needing to keep up with our profiles there as well. It's hard getting back into exercise.

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Exercise is of course an excellent way to increase our stamina and fitness and help reduce stress for our body and mind. What I often see come up today though, is the impact of different types of exercise on our bodies.

You see, each form of exercise has its own benefits and any exercise is better than none! So certainly getting back into exercise and moving in one way or another, your health depends on it.


There are situations though where the higher impact types of movement may not be suitable for you. Let’s say you have had an injury, an illness, a bad knee or hip, or a long break from exercise. Your walking may have even been impaired, so even getting out for this simple activity could be difficult or impossible. These are just some of the factors which could deter you from any getting back into exercise at all, let alone doing fast, high impact jumping and loaded movements.


There is a machine, however, that offers a great solution for people wanting to kickstart, add variety and enhance their health and fitness journey.


Vibration Plate History - It IS rocket science!

Vibration training was developed years ago, even before the Russian Cosmonauts were using it. Ancient Grecian doctors invented the first vibration machine as a therapy to help soldiers recover from their injuries. They utilised a bow-like wooden instrument, and would ‘pluck’ the strings of the bow to allow it to vibrate over soldiers’ wounds. Doctors found that soldiers’ injuries would heal faster as a result of vibration therapy, stimulating the production of human growth hormone.


In the late 1800's it was used by Swedish doctor Jonas Zander as a piece of exercise and rehab equipment in his gyms. Then by the 1960's its use was becoming more widespread with the discovery of its benefits in helping increase bone density and muscle growth for the Cosmonauts who suffered poor strength as a result of space travel and being exposed to no gravity.

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Benefits for your body

Our bodies thrive on movement and muscular contraction. Your muscles need to be activated and contracted in order to maintain strength, tone and metabolism and fat burning abilities.


Getting back into exercise with Vibroslim is easy. The vibration platform works on the premise of creating lots of little ‘micro contractions’ at a high speed, which helps your body create equilibrium and balance while simply standing there. Results will then be enhanced when you do exercise on there.


Think about this. If you were to simply stand still on the floor, there is not a lot happening. Whereas if you stand on this platform you will feel your body moving quickly, activating so many muscles that you may never have even felt before.


Get back into exercise by simply standing on the machine where you will immediately experience the benefits of:

    1. Boosting circulation
    2. Invigorating your energy
    3. Creating fast muscle contractions to stimulate muscle fibres that may not be activated otherwise (unless you already do a variety of exercise)
    4. Improved sense of balance
    5. Metabolism and fat burning boost


And then if you add a few exercise moves while on there, you can really start to kick off a time-efficient workout with even more benefits like:

    • Increased cardiovascular endurance
    • Fat burning and weight loss enhancement
    • Improved overall strength
    • Better core strength
    • Muscle tone


Even 10 minutes on a preset program with the Vitality 4 Life Vibration Machine range will make a huge difference to your day. If you have undergone stress or even feeling like you need a break and not able or not wanting to do regular exercise, using this machine will you regain a sense of control and well-being even after that short 10 minute daily program, getting back into exercise after a break has never been so easy.


Who can use the vibration machine?

It’s super versatile, where anyone from people recovering from injury, to the elderly, to experienced exercise goers and professional athletes using it.


This is because it is an exercise machine, but also a relaxing and rehabilitating machine depending on how you use it.

If you have ever had tired and aching legs? Placing your legs on there while seated or lying down is another way you can restore your body due to the circulation increase. It’s like a mini massage!

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Or if you are wanting to spice up your regular exercise routine and amplify the feeling and results in your muscles, then choose a higher level of vibration and enjoy adding variety to your squats, pushups, stretches, yoga, Pilates and core work.


Benefits for your mind

Research tells us that stress management can be achieved through breathing, exercise, movement and getting in tune with your body. I am also a big believer in taking some time out to help you step away from the stress or problem you may be facing.

In using the vibration platform and breathing while your body somewhat of a ‘jiggle’ (which will make you laugh anyway!) you will be focusing on the feeling throughout your muscles becoming more present. And becoming present and centered in busy life is a big part of stress management strategies recommended by health experts around the world.


Because it such a unique feeling once you get on the platform, it cannot be replicated any other way. The only other way to add resistance to your muscles is to do weights, and this may not be suitable for some people.


I always recommend to my clients that health and well-being should be stress free and to not go out doing programs and regimes that are simply not right for where your body is at right now. Start off slowly and mindfully getting back into exercise. If you do this then you will be adding more emotional stress to your life, defeating the purpose of exercise altogether.

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Whereas if you can approach your well-being from a more balanced and holistic place where you challenge your body yet give it restoration, then you will feel more centered and balanced without the tired and heavy feeling that some other exercise methods may leave you with.


The vibration platform can add to your well-being regime and be that ‘go-to’ piece of equipment to get started with simply moving your muscles again, boosting circulation and then enhancing fitness, strength and fat loss without ever needing to leave your home. It’s an easy machine to get going too, so do not be concerned about complicated buttons and programs, just click it on, select your program and away you go getting back into exercise.


Using the vibration platform is time efficient, user friendly and versatile. Grab one today from Vitality 4 Life’s range where they have pioneered the very best and latest machines that continue to evolve as we do.