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  1. Ditch the bottle and go back to the tap

    Ditch the bottle and go back to the tap

    If you asked me, and probably any other Australian, back in the early eighties whether I would spend $3.50 on bottled water I would have laughed in your face. Even if I was stuck in the middle of the outback.

    So what the bloody hell happened and why did we bottle it?

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    According to Cool Australia these are the facts about bottled water:


    * It takes up to 3-7 litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water.

    * A recent Sydney Morning Herald article showed most consumers can’t taste t

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  2. Water - can we live with it?

    Water - can we live with it?

    Well we certainly can’t live without it. We can live without food for up to five weeks but we can only live without water for up to 5 days. In today’s world we cannot be certain exactly what is in the water we drink from the tap, or even the bottled water we buy. Is it pure water? What exactly is in our tap water and is it good for us?

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    In order to kill off harmful bacteria and other microorganisms to make clean water our drinking water is treated with a large number of chemicals. Along with these chemicals your water can contain toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides, lead and more.

    Chemicals typically found are:

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  3. New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    New Year's Resolutions - Just say NO

    People have been failing at their New Year's Resolutions for 4000 years. What makes me think I could do any better? It's been three days and I have already failed. At least back then the Babylonians were offering their resolutions up to God in the hope of improving the crop. Now we just offer them up to ourselves, or our nearest and dearest, who have no choice but to listen and nod along. But what do we get in return?

    new years resolutions, eat healthy, juice everday

    When looking at the top new year's resolutions I mostly notice this.. we have to give up, quit, try harder, be better, look

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  4. Water Products Knowledge Base

    Water Products Knowledge Base

    Water Products FAQ

    What is the different between Aquasana and Distilled Water?

    There are many choices available to consumers nowadays and the question is how do you know which water is right for you?

    Water Filters use mediums such as carbon, ceramic and felt to mechanically filter out contaminants in the water. They may also employ ion-exchange processes or contain nano-silver to destroy biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. The efficiency of a water filter depends largely on the pore size of the filter media. This is measured in microns (µm). If the contaminant is larger in size than the filters micron level, it will be trapped by the filter. A filter in the range of 0.1 - 0.5 µm will remove virtually all contaminants from a regular water supply.

    Aquasana uses a complex ion-exchange process to remove a lot more contaminants than a standard carbon filter can remove.The

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