Bottled Water Becoming a Bottleneck for the Environment

Bottled Water Becoming a Bottleneck for the Environment

Crystal clear spring water from a mountain spring...or just plain old tap water making a mountain out of discarded petrol chemical containers.Bottled water no more. Why not leave home with a bottle of? your finest? and save money and landfill.

The trend to reach for a bottle of water as a first choice seemed like a step in the right direction for our health, but the impact on the environment and claims of outrageous capitalisation of a precious resource makes us take a look closer.

A recent article in the SMH (, says opponents to the bottled water industry believe sales are falling ?as people learn more about a product that is?, according to Clean Up Australia chief Ian Kiernan, ?a bloody disgrace?".

Proponents claim they are pleased to see an increase in water consumption from any source but opponents cite the following reasons as some of the reasons as to why we need to look deeper into the issue:

  • The final product must comply with the Australia Food Standards Code but may come from mineral or spring water, from treated municipal water or rain.
  • 12 percent of rubbish collected on Clean Up Australia day was soft drink and water bottles. These petrol chemical containers last 450 years and as they break into smaller pieces become ingested into the food chain.

A student led campaign assisted by action group Do Something led to the ban of the sale of bottled water across all campus food outlets and events at the University of Canberra saving 140 000 bottles last year. Water filters have been installed around the campus to give students and staff the choice to fill up their own bottles.

While on the whole the movement to drink more water rather than soft drinks and caffeinated drinks has flowed into consciousness, the next step is to ensure you have access to the best possible quality of water possible.

Vitality 4 Life provide a water filling station outside their showroom and health centre called Mullum Sari in the northern NSW town of Mullumbimby. Using the Aquasana Rhino system which is sold as a point of entry filtration system in households and workplaces, this initiative has been going since 2009 and has provided approximately half a million litres of filtered water to the local community.

Vitality 4 Life have the bench top Aquasana water filtration system together with a range of water ionisers, reverse osmosis and water distillation units. Depending on your unique needs (for example distilled water can be beneficial if you are detoxing) the range of pure water systems available from Vitality 4 Life provide easy and cheap solutions to having not just good but great water for you to lubricate your way through the day with. Read through the WHICH WATER IS RIGHT FOR YOU guide here or contact the water product experts at Vitality 4 Life to determine which system will best suit your needs.