Aquasana - A great value Water Filter Range

Aquasana - A great value Water Filter Range

The healthiest water doesn’t come from your tap, or in a bottle. For really healthy water in your home, the answer is ‘selective filtration’. Activated Carbon treatment water filters can distinguish between pollutants and trace minerals. Aquasana are a great value water filter range which are convenient to install and use and produce clean and great tasting water in your home.

Aquasana is a leading water filtration company with the sole focus of providing best-in-class water filtration products so everyone can enjoy great-tasting, healthy water. Based in America, the company manufactures drinking water filters, shower filters, and whole-home water filter systems that remove over 60 harmful contaminants from water including chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, lead, and mercury.

Aquasana’s advanced twin cartridge, multi-stage filtration units combine the most effective technologies available.

This patented process selectively filters out chemicals such as chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs, MTBE and over 100 common tap water contaminants. Sub-micro filtration removes turbidity and effectively removes more than 99.99% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium and Gardia (chlorine resistant parasites). This leaves the natural minerals intact, providing healthy, great tasting water.

Unlike bottled water, home water filters are required to document the purity of the water they produce.

Certificate of the Department of Health Services, California, USA, confirming that the AQ-4000 water filter has ‘met the testing requirements pursuant to Section 116830 of the Health and Safety Code’.

Certified performance data sheet confirming that the AQ-4000 complies with NSF Standards 42 and 53, and is certified by the California Department of Health Services Drinking Water Treatment Device Program.

Report from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. that the AQ-4000 reduces chlorine by 99% for a full 500 gallons.

Report from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. that the AQ-4000 complies with ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 – structural integrity.

Certification and test results of Rhino EQ-300 whole house water filter

Confirmation from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. that the whole house filter meets the requirements for Chlorine Reduction.
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