Why I Drink Distilled Water

Why I Drink Distilled Water

Distilled water has the inherent ability to work much like a magnet. It can pick up rejected and discarded minerals and then with the assistance of the blood and lymphatic system, transport them to the kidneys for elimination from the system. Inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues or the body can, if not evacuated, cause arterial obstructions and even more serious damage. These are minerals which must be removed and which Distilled Water is able to collect.
Dr Norman Walker

The human body is made up of 72% water so it's very important to ensure that any water we are drinking is of the highest quality. A relatively small 5% drop in bodily fluids causes a 25-30% loss of energy.

An estimated 66% of people don’t drink enough and are suffering some degree of dehydration, and we may only be operating at 70-75% of our capacity.

The purity of the water we drink therefore becomes more crucial. Our world class 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller MKll remove more than 99.9% of standard water impurities, making sure that the water you drink provides the maximum health benefits.

By heating ordinary tap water to 100°C, killing bacteria and viruses that may be present. As the steam rises, dissolved solids, impurities and other contaminants are left behind.

The pure steam is captured and condensed in the stainless-steel coil, where it begins to cool. The high quality distilled water then percolates through an activated coconut shell carbon filter that is kept free from bacteria by the purity of the distilled water.

The pure, distilled water is captured in the 3 litres ultra durable Borosilicate Glass storage jug in around 3.5 hours. Compared with about $6 for bottled water, this home water distiller can make 2.8 litres of top quality water for about 25c.

As one of the greatest solvents known, water helps prepare substances for transport across cell membranes and/or distribution through our bodies by way of blood and lymph. This function of water in our bodies is impaired when the water is filled with contaminants that interfere with its ability to dissolve bodily substances efficiently. By drinking distilled water I can eliminate these contaminants and help the water I drink to:

  • Help transport substances - throughout my body.
  • Help my body chemistry to regulate and function properly.


Metabolic activities depend upon enzymes, coenzymes, trace minerals and other substances which are present in minute quantities. Contaminants and toxic chemicals, introduced into our body through our drinking water can interfere with normal metabolic activities and enzymatic pathways. We can understand this interference better when we consider these vital elements may be present in quantities of a few thousand ions or molecules; whereas, just one swallow of water containing one part per million of a toxic chemical will contain six hundred quadrillion (600,000,000,000,000,000,) toxic molecules.