Vitality 4 Life Supports MasterChef Australia

Vitality 4 Life Supports MasterChef Australia

One of Australia’s leading prime time television programs has paired up with Vitality 4 Life to bring audiences a glimpse of the Vitality 4 Life Excalibur Dehydrator range. The product was recently utlised on MasterChef Australia by contestants in the weekly master class facilitated by program host and chef, George Colambaris.

Vitality 4 Life Chief Executive Officer, Roger Akins said “Vitality 4 Life is extremely delighted with the production partnership. We are finally charming the Australian public with the benefits of preserving foods. The age of health is now, and Australian’s want to be educated and inspired by methods and products such as these, so they too can lead and live a healthy life”.

The masterclass episode will demonstrate the process of dehydration, drawing attention to the full flavours and nutrients retained in dried foods. George Colabaris said "You can dry anything in that machine, it's brilliant.

Excalibur food dehydrators are regarded as one of the finest brands in the dehydrating industry, and have been in existence since 1973. Dehydration is quickly becoming a popular method in domestic and commercial kitchens and is a great way of retaining nutrients and making food last longer.

Ilonka Hofmann