Which Composter Is Best for Me?

Which Composter Is Best for Me?

Successful composting involves the right conditions. You can control certain factors by changing the type of waste matter you are adding, but factors such as oxygen levels and temperature can be very hard to manage. The correct choice of composter can allow you to easily cater for this and achieve composting success.

Which composter is best for meIf climate and location are potential issues for you, an insulated composter is recommended to regulate temperatures in both hot and cold climates and locations.

Composters with adjustable air vents can assist with oxygen control and those that are sealed and elevated can prevent rodents while allowing for a wider range of waste materials to be composted.


Rotating Versus Fixed Composters

Both fixed and rotating composters are effective options for producing your own organic compost soil at home. However, several additional benefits of a rotating model outweigh fixed design models - offering you the best conditions and functionality.

Benefits of A Rotating Composter

  • Fast Waste to Compost Time – The compost process time is reduced due to the ability to easily and thoroughly mix your compost.
  • Pest Control – Rotating bins are totally sealed and off the ground so rodents and animals accessing your compost is not a concern
  • Durability – Composters that are designed to rotate are made from stronger materials to ensure rotation process can be support so will provide a longer lifespan.
  • Oxygen Control – Rotating compost bins allow for adjustable airflow.
  • Temperature Control – As rotating composters are fully sealed, elevated and often insulated, the temperature can be maintained in all climates and locations.
  • Continuous Composting – Look for rotating composters that contain dual chambers to allow continuous composting.
  • User-Friendly – Rotating compost bins are mess free when emptying or mixing the composter.
  • Look for models with handles which allow for ease of turning when the bin becomes full and heavy.

Joraform Composters

Why Fixed Composters Don’t Compare

  • Minimal Aeration – Oxygen levels are vital and fixed compost bins offer minimal oxygen control, many with no vents.
  • Pest Issues – Rodents can dig under fixed bins and build nests in compost. Other animals such as dogs can be a concern as the bin is not fully sealed.
  • Durability – Fixed bins are usually plastic which becomes worn and offers a shorter lifespan.
  • Temperature Control – Minimal control of temperature available due to plastic materials, lack of insulation and composter being placed directly on ground.
  • Functionality – The mixing and emptying process is difficult and messy due to limited access.


Steel Versus Plastic Composters

Steel v Plastic ComposterWe recommend composters constructed with steel to ensure ultimate durability for many years. Steel construction offers a longer lifespan than hard wearing plastic and can withstand extremes of heat, cold and wind. Plastic compost bin options will deteriorate in such conditions and in standard conditions over time.

Temperature control is extremely important in the composting process with steel composters enabling better management of temperature control inside the composter to avoid excessive hear that occurs within plastic compost bins in warmer locations or climates.


What Type of Composter Is Best for Me?

Composter choice will be dependent on how much waste you need to compost and the space available for placement of a composter.

Regardless of your living space there are a variety of options to enable you to easily compost at home.


Compost Heap – Created at home using minimal materials or no materials at all, requires outdoor ground space of at least 1metre square, rodents and animals can easily disturb compost, easily impacted by weather conditions.


Compost HeapWorm Farm –Produces highly concentrated liquid compost and worm casts rather than soil, minimal space required but must be a cool, dry location (a garage is perfect), not suitable for composting citrus, garlic, onions, bread or meats, more suitable to smaller volumes of compost.


Kitchen Bin Systems – Ideal for those in apartments or with minimal outdoor space. Produces liquid fertilizer, but remaining waste needs to be buried or disposed of. Systems require addition of compost activator resulting in ongoing cost, minimal quantity of waste matter can be processed per cycle.


Fixed Compost Bins – Keeps compost contained, large volumes of compost production possible. Two bins required to allow for continuous composting.


Rotating Compost Bins – Suitable for all climates, totally sealed for protection from pests and animals, very fast composting time due to aeration and rotation. Easy mixing and empty process due to rotating and accessibility.

We recommend the Joraform range of rotating composters because of their high-quality, durable steel construction and insulated dual chambers which allow for a fast break down time of your waste.


Joraform Composters

What Size Composter Do I Need?

I only have a small garden but I’m keen to make my own compost, which composter is best for me?
The Joraform Little Pig Composter is perfect for small gardens. With a capacity of 125 Litres, this composter allows for 10-12 Litres of waste per week and takes up a minimal amount of space in your garden.


GardeningI have a small family but a good-sized garden, which composter would you recommend?
The Joraform Little Pig Composter is suitable for 4-6 users so would be the best choice for a small family, managing 10-12 Litres of waste per week. However, if you would like to compost both your kitchen and garden waste, you may want to consider the Big Pig Composter which will allow for 25-30 litres of waste per week. This larger sized composter will ensure you have enough space for all your weekly kitchen and the garden waste.


I have a large garden with quite a bit of waste that I’d like to compost each week. Which composter would you recommend for me?
To ensure you can compost both your kitchen and large amount of garden waste, the Restauranteur Composter would be the best choice for you. The Restauranteur allows for between 50-80 Litres of waste per week and has a cross bar handle for ease of rotation once the bin is full.


I only plan on composting small garden items like weeds and dead flowers. Do you have a composter that would suit my needs?
The Joraform Little Pig Composter is the ideal composter for small amounts of garden waste. The Little Pig will cater for 10-12 litres of waste per week and has a total capacity of 125 litres. This is a neat and tidy composter which requires minimal space in your garden.


Little & Big Pig CompostersMy neighbour and I would like to share a composter, which Joraform model would you recommend?
The consideration will depend on the amount of waste to be processed on a weekly basis and how many people in each household. Also, you will need to consider whether you would like to process both kitchen and garden waste. Here are some options that may suit your needs;

Joraform “Little Pig” Composter – Suitable for 4-6 users, 10-12 Litres of waste per week. Total capacity 125 litres.

Joraform “Big Pig” Composter – Suitable for 10-12 users or for the addition of garden and kitchen waste – combined waste produced of 25-30 Litres of per week. Total capacity 270 litres.

Joraform “Restauranteur” Composter – This composter is suitable for 20-32 people or if there is a large amount of garden waste. Combined kitchen waste that would equal 25-30 Litres combined per week. The total capacity of the restauranteur is 400 Litres and includes a cross bar handle for ease of rotation of the bin, once it is full.


Still not sure which composter is best for you? Give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 802 924, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, email us at support@vitality4life.com, or contact us online with our live chat facilities.
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Joraform 'Little Pig' Rotational Composter - 125L

Due to large item, please allow a 3-5 days for dispatch ✓ Rotating and heat generating compost bin ✓ Breaks down all food scraps including meat, fish, shellfish, household paper...even pet droppings! ✓ 125L capacity ✓ Suitable for use by 4-6 people ✓ Processes 10-12 litres of waste per week ✓ 2 Year Warranty ✓ Includes High Stand

Joraform Big Pig Rotational Composter - 270L

Due to large item, please allow a 3-5 days for dispatch ✓ Rotating and heat generating compost bin ✓ Breaks down all food scraps including meat, fish, shellfish, household paper...even pet droppings! ✓ 270L capacity ✓ Suitable for use by 10-12 people ✓ Processes 25-30 litres of waste per week ✓ 2 Year Warranty ✓ Includes High Stand

Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L

✓ Rotating and heat generating compost bin ✓ Breaks down all food scraps including meat, fish, shellfish, household paper...even pet droppings! ✓ 400L capacity ✓ Suitable for use by 20-32 people ✓ Processes 50-80 litres of waste per week ✓ 1 Year Warranty

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