Walking treadmill - small steps, big rewards

Walking treadmill - small steps, big rewards

One small step with your WalkSlim walking treadmill..

... a giant leap for your health. Even the politicians know this. Ex Prime Minister John Howard wasn't using a walking treadmill fifteen years ago but everyone of a certain age remembers his early morning walks in a funny tracksuit.  He started a national campaign urging Australians to take the time to walk at least 30 minutes a day. This year Malcolm Turnbull helped launch the 'One Million Steps' Campaign. Why is walking so important?

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Mr Howard found out that across Australia, 1,400 deaths from heart disease and diabetes could be prevented and a total or $76 million in measurable health care costs could be saved each year if just 10% of Australian adults walked more regularly. So we do need to get walking as even now one person dies every twelve minutes in Australia from heart related diseases.

Then, as now, time is an issue so having your own small walking treadmill at home could be the answer. It's sitting right there waiting for when you have a minute to jump on and do a treadmill walking workout. It's light, it's portable, it's foldable and can fit easily under your bed, in a small room or office stored against the wall or in a cupboard.

Can't walk to work? Walk at work. Research shows that walking boosts creativity by up to 60 percent. Walk whilst watching T.V or reading a book with no need for costly gym memberships and work out gear.

Studies show that even when people don’t quite manage to walk for the recommended 30 minutes a day the benefits can still accrue. This proves that some walking is better than none at all. The WalkSlim walking treadmill is the best treadmill for home being right there for you to hop on anytime even if its just for five minutes. It all adds up.

For those who still need convincing, here are six reasons to take up a daily walk.

Born to run but it hurts now?

Walking is a well documented way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. If you suffer from knee or other pain walking is a perfect way to maintain fitness without causing damage to joints and muscles. 

walking, treadmill, diabetes, personal, healthHeading towards diabetes?

An estimated 1.2 million (6%) Australian adults aged 18 years and over have diabetes. Experts always recommend exercise as it helps muscles absorb blood sugar, preventing it from building up in the bloodstream thereby reducing the risk. That's why walking regularly is essential for continued blood glucose control. and better cardiovascular fitness. For Diabetes Australia walking is at the top of the list for effective exercise.

Heart pumping but not in a good way?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, remains the leading risk factor for heart disease. ... Close to six million adult Australians have hypertension (>140/90 or taking medication). This represents 33.7% of adult Australians. The Australian Heart Foundation recommends walking as part of a healthy active living plan.

Can you handle your handles?personal, treadmill, walking, love handles

Humans were designed to move for optimal functioning, and were designed to handle walking great distances over many hours. These days we sit a lot. Walking can contribute to improved body composition, with statistically significant weight reduction. A brisk walk for 30 mins can burn around 100 calories. In conjunction with a healthy diet you can be on your way to a slimmer you. Vitality 4 Life has a range of healthy living kitchen appliances such as blenders and juicers to help you on your way.

Feeling down?

Rates of depression have risen 20% globally in a decade. This places depression as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Walking has been recommended by the Blackdog Institute for managing symptoms of depression for a long time. If you are feeling blue and really would prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home your own personal walking  treadmill could be a life saver.

walking, treadmill, family, healthyBest of all no adverse side effects

Walking is safe for children, adults and older adults alike it is what we were born to do. There is nothing to lose from trying it out, and plenty to gain. Feel happier, healthier, trimmer and save your money walking your way to a healthy, more vital you.