Why buy eco friendly cleaning products?

Why buy eco friendly cleaning products?

We use quite of lot of cleaning products on a day-to-day basis. It's a consumable that we may not think about too much, but they are around us all the time - in the kitchen, the laundry, the bathroom and the garage. The team at Greener Cleaner saw this gap and created a range of eco friendly cleaning products.

Tools used for 'cleaning' such as kitchen dish brushes, floor scrubbing brushes and general use cleaning brushes have a hard (and short) life by nature. They do the hard work to make dirty areas shine again. And if we are using tools to 'clean', we need these tools to be 'clean'. So they get replaced often and over time, this adds up in quantity.

There are an infinite number of resources in the world, so we need to constantly and creatively find ways innovate. The kitchen or floor scrubbing brush is not a 'sexy' item in the home but it's worth thinking about.

Converting waste into new products reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution from incineration, and reduces water pollution from landfilling. By reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal we also lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to plastic production.

The Greener Cleaner team saw that this was an area that had gained very little attention in environmental terms. This is when the eco friendly cleaning products range was born.

The unique and patented Eco-Flex technology used in the Greener Cleaner cleaning range is a perfect example of modern recycling at work. You can tell if a product is eco-friendly by looking at the label on the packaging. The packaging of the Greener Cleaner range is also recycled.

The Eco-Flex material is made from recycled plastic scrap from industrial production of plastic materials and the wood pulp comes from recycled industrial wood pallets. The wood is originally from the Cunninghamia lanceolata fiber – Chinese fir tree.

So although it may seem like a small purchase, every decision we make as consumers, to support sustainable innovation does make a difference. Clean Green!

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