Vibroslim vs Vibrodisc

Vibroslim vs Vibrodisc

In this article will compare the Vibroslim with the VibroSlim range, including the VibroSlim ultra - luxeVibroSlim Ultra, and the VibroSlim Radial 3D. Compare prices, specifications and features and let us help you to decide which one is best for you!

Each of the VibroSlim and Vibrodisc models are compact and versatile and are perfect for anyone who is looking to exercise in the comfort of their own home without the need for large, bulky and expensive fitness equipment. All the below models are TV best-sellers on TV in their own right and are all compact, easy to use and offer great value.

Vitality 4 Life have been the market leaders in the development and distribution of Vibration Machines in Australia and as such we have had an extensive range of different types of machines over the years, with models getting better and better as the years have gone by. The "compact" range, as we like to call it, are machines such as these which are smaller, without attached handles and are designed to be flexible in terms of where they are set up in the home and can be moved quite easily.

The VibroDisc was a best-selling model and was revolutionary in terms of Vibration Machines. You can see just how far the product has come when you look at the design and appearance of the VibroSlim Ultra, which is now sleeker, thinner and lighter than ever before.

VibroSlim Body

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Compare VibroSlim Vibration Machines

Which VibroSlim is Best for Me?

When it comes to choosing a Vibration Machine, it is important to understand what you are looking for in the machine. Each of the machines above are fantastic and are best-sellers in their own right. However, there are slight differences which you may have noticed above which may make one more suitable for you than another.

A "compact" vibration machine such as the VibroSlims are all perfect for someone who wants a subtle machine which wont take up a lot of space or require a separate area in the house, unlike the larger, bulkier machines with handles.

What's our Top Pick of Vibration Machine?

The vibration machine that we believe is the best "all-rounder" is the VibroSlim Ultra. It is light, compact, sturdy and comes with everything you need to get started: workout DVD, wall chart, resistance straps and a remote control. It has a large flat plate section so provide stability and balance.

It is the perfect vibration machine for just about anybody and people all across Australia are loving the VibroSlim Ultra and experiencing amazing weight loss and fitness results!

Which vibration machine is the lightest?

The VibroSlim Ultra is the lightest and thinnest Vibration Machine on the market. It also has wheels, making it easy to store under the bed or in a cupboard if you don't want to leave it out all the time. This also makes it perfect for those with back problems where you can't lift a heavy machine around.

Which machine looks the nicest?

The VibroSlim Ultra is by far the sleekest, most attractive vibration machine we have come across in our many years in the industry! It features a beautiful LED display panel so it is also the most technically advanced machine. If you want an attractive looking piece of fitness equipment, then the VibroSlim Body is the one for you!  With a compact and modern loooking design, the VibroSlim Body would suit even the most sophisticated homes.

I want the latest technology!

The VibroSlim Radial 3D incorporates the latest technology to bring you a dual motion machine, often called the ‘holy grail’ of vibration plates as they offer what was once considered impossible: a strength training machine and a weight loss machine in one unit. You can choose from oscillating motion, lineal motion, or tri-planar motion.  The tri-planar motion is a combination of lineal and pivotal motions, almost in a circular or '3D' shape. This motion mimics functional movement and offers users an intensified and varied workout. 

VibroSlim Radial Vibration Machine

I want the best price!

The Vitality 4 Life vibration machines are the most price-competitive in the market, offering supreme value through quality, included accessories and our service and support.

The VibroSlim Body offers unbeatable value with an RRP of $299, so this would be an ideal model for you to trial a vibration platform to see if you like it.

Vitality 4 Life Best Price Promise

We offer a Price Match Guarantee, so if you see a better price anywhere, ask us and we will happily match it with free shipping!

We also have demo units available through our site, at a discounted price! The demo units have been used a very minimal amount of times by our in-store and TV demonstrators and as such come with FULL warranty! You can see our full range of demo products here, or contact us to see whether we have one available that isn't listed online yet.

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