Vitality 4 Life and the Development of Vibration Machines

Vitality 4 Life and the Development of Vibration Machines

Roger Akins - CEO, Vitality 4 Life

I have maintained a keen interest in the development of this technology. In 2002 I purchased one of the first Power Plate machines from Holland and have used it constantly. In 2002 Vitality 4 Life commissioned Mr Kim, a Korean engineer formerly employed by Daewoo to do a feasibility study on the manufacturing of vibration exercise platforms.

Our desire was to make this ground breaking technology affordable to most people. Our requirements were that the machines must be of the finest quality and affordable to households. After 20 years in the vitality business we know that the key ingredient is that the individual must get into a daily practice.

WBV therapy has been embraced by gyms, personal training centres, beauty salons, chiropractors, day spa's and weight loss centres.

Studies have shown that exercise on these vibration platforms can help to lose weight, reduce back pain, increase balance and stability, recover from injury, tone up, increase flexibility and gain strength.

Vitality 4 Life has one of the most extensive collections of Vibration Machines and Vibration Platforms, ranging from the affordable to the high end:

The Affordable:

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The Popular:

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The Dual Mode:

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The High End:

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