Vibration Technology Used By Celebrities

Vibration Technology Used By Celebrities

Many celebs and sports stars are using Whole Body Vibration Technology as their preferred method of toning and weight loss.

Being in the limelight all the time, there is so much pressure on celebrities to look good from all angles. As part of a balanced fitness routine, the Vibrodisc can help tone, strengthen and increase blood flow, all the things that help with weight loss and help you look and feel great!

High profile celebrities such as Madonna, Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Imbruglia have all been said to use Whole Body Vibration Technology to achieve their toned physique. Yoga postures and stretches can be performed on the Vibrodisc in order to increase muscle strength and achieve better results.

Dancing With the Stars Celebs have been said to be using Vibration Technology between shows to help maintain fitness and prevent injury occurring, much the same as a professional athlete would use this effective whole body vibration technology whilst in training.

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