Hippocrates Juicer Review

Hippocrates Juicer Review

Our Hippocrates Juicer Review will outline the features of the newest model Hippocrates Juicer, the Hippocrates Plus 1305, and also a brief history of how this model came to be. But first, it is important to understand the science behind twin gear juicer technology and why the juice exracted from a twin gear juicer is far superior to that of any other juicer on the market today.

In it's simplest form, the twin gears utilize both magnetic and bio-ceramic technology to generate an overflow of positive ions which increases the longevity and quality of juice. Also, the closer together the twin gears sit to one another, increases the amount of the cellulose wall that is opened during the extraction process. This suspends the nutrients and enzymes in colloidal form and makes them more accessible for the body to use.

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Roger Akins, Founder and CEO of Vitality 4 Life, and Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida worked together with Mr. Kim, the inventor of the GreenPower Juicer, to improve his current version of the Twin Gear Juicer. Together they developed the techincal improvements needed to decrease the juicing limitations of the previous models of GreenPower Juicers. The result was the Hippocrates Juicer.

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The Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer, as it is today, is the outcome of over 5 years worth of testing and perfecting and over 50 prototypes. Vast improvements have been made to it's juicing capabilities, extraction rate and the machines usability.

The newly designed "Jang Gears" sit at only 4/1000 of an inch apart. This has increased both the extraction time by 40-50% on previous models and the extraction rate improved by 5-10%! This has also lead to the reduction of froth/foam in juice. This means minimum froth and maximum juice!

Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer Gears

The improved Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer is now able to efficiently juice.../

The Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer is a wheatgrass juicer

Juicing wheatgrass was a major factor when re-designing the GreenPower Juicer. Previously wheatgrass juice had been both foamy and frothy. The new twin gears have drastically reduced the foam of wheatgrass juice and now the Hippocrates Juicer is recommended as one of the "best wheatgrass juicer on the market".

The Hippocrates Juicer is a medicinal juicer

Traditional, fast spinning and grating juicers were simply unable to tackle the more medicinal grasses, leafy green produce or herbs. With the Hippocrates these are feed into the gears and the juice of aloe vera, pine needles, leafy herbs and grasses can be extracted.

The Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer is a vegetable juicer

Improvments to the durability of parts have eliminated earlier problems with harder root vegetables. The Hippocrates Juicer parts can now denser vegetables like carrots and beetroots and juice these with ease. As well as herbs and green vegetables like parsley, spniach and celery. Nutirents are preserved for up to 72 hours with the Hippocrates...

The Hippocrates juicer is a fruit juicer

The Hippo Plus juicer comes with a dedicated fruit juicing screen that has larger holes for use with more pulpy fruits. As more research emerges on the benefits of increased consumption of foods containing colourful cartenoids, particularly beta-carotene and lutein, this latest model has undergone slight modifications to improve the extraction yield in fruits like pomegranate.

[caption id="attachment_2472" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hippocrates_Plus_Juicer The latest model Hippocrates Plus Juicer[/caption]

Improvements have also been made to the over-all usability of the Hippocrates. The latest model has a smaller bench footprint, is easier to use and clean. Earlier models of the Hippocrates were quite technical to use and operate and the focus was primarily on the quality of juice produced. While improvements have been made, the Hippocrates Twin Gear Juicer does remain to be a more time-consuming juicer to use and does have more moving parts than single gear juicers. This being said, the main purpose of the Hippocrates Juicer is to produce the highest quality of living juice from the widest range of fruits, vegetables and herbs and to maintain that quality of juice for up to 72 hours.

For this reason this juicer is primarily designed for a health enthusiast or someone who is suffering from an illness or sickness. If time is not an issue and quality of juice is at the fore-front of your juicing objective, than the Hippocrates Plus Juicer is for you.

Extra attachments turn the Hippocrates into a 'Plus' model, capable of food processing, mincing and pureeing...

The Hippocrates Plus can make pasta

It's hard to believe the feeling of satisfaction felt after making (and feasting on) fresh pasta.Manually operated pasta makers have been popular for some time, but the Hippo Plus has an optional pasta attachment which extrudes the dough into fettucine or spaghetti shaped pasta. You can make noodles, pretzel-like bread sticks and many other creations.

The Hippocrates Plus Juicer can mince and blend

Cooked or raw produce can be processed into a consistency suitable for baby foods or puree. The Greenpower Juicer chops and minces herbs and seasonings as well as garlic, ginger, galang, tumeric and many other foods. This is particularly useful if you have large quantities you would like to preserve or if you are producing food goods for a market situation.

The Hippocrates Plus Juicer makes healthy desserts and nut butters, nut milks and more

The even gear mechanism means the juicer can also be used as a food processor to blend or combine foods. For example, soaked and softened soy beans or nuts can be feed through the machine using closed strainer (part included) to make milk. Softer nuts, or soaked (and enzymatically activated) harder varieties can be turned into pure nut butters. Raw frozen fruit can be made into sorbet or combined with frozen yoghurt for simple healthy desserts and is ideal if you have an excess of seasonal fruit.

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