Christmas family gift - helping to keep the peace

Christmas family gift - helping to keep the peace

Who ever said that Christmas Day was a day of peace and harmony obviously never had a family like mine. Help keep the peace by making sure sure your Christmas family gift doesn't stir the pot.

When you blend the whole family, under one roof, in the heat, for the entire day, with presents, cooking, drinking and game playing – it can be a recipe for disaster. Then why, oh why, is buying a family board game the top choice for a Christmas family gift?

After a few drinks and sugar highs someone will have the bright idea of actually playing the game and it will inevitably end in tears - it’s a Christmas tradition and the number one cause of family fall outs on Christmas Day. I still have scars from Pictionary.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Although our range of healthy living kitchen products may not seem like a lot of fun as you are ripping off the wrapping they could help to ensure that your Christmas is more peaceful. Oh and delicious too.

Bought too much food?

Another cause of stress on Christmas Day is either the time spent cooking when the kitchen is hotter than your oven and what to do with all those left overs. Ever bought enough fruit to cover three pavlovas when you only needed enough for one? Or two of them fell to pieces during delicate stages of cooking? Maybe you dropped one?

When everyone heats up the BioChef blender will be a santa-send and perfect Christmas family gift when you easily turn all of that colourful, delicious fruit into nutritious sorbet ice blocks to cool everyone down. Maybe a cocktail or two?

Use your new family gift to save time and blend, slice and dice faster than ever so you can escape the heat of the kitchen and head for the pool taking your icy treat or cocktail with you.

Oranges or lemons?

Do you still buy lots of oranges around Christmas time but can't even remember why? In days gone by it was a treat when times were tough but does anybody eat them now or are they left to mould in the bowl until after New Years.

There won't be any left overs if your Christmas family gift was one our cold pressed juicers.. Fresh juice for all and maybe a drop of champers in there for Mum.

This juicer also makes fresh homemade pastasorbetsnut butterraw vegan dessertspureesbaby food and even sauces using various accessories and attachments, making it a versatile appliance that mixes, chops and grinds.

Don't forget your furry friend

christmas family gift

Another unique family gift that takes care of your left over food products is one of our food dehydrators.  Not only does it make delicious snacks for all the humans in the family it includes treats for the furry members. Definitely a unique gift for pets and pet owners.

Make dog treats in a snap for a healthy alternative to store bought chews. With many unhealthy options out there you can finally know exactly what the ingredients are. Dehydrators are no longer just a raw food kitchen appliance; this once "niche" product used only by raw foodies is now mainstream.

christmas family gift

People are coming up with heaps of ideas for recipes to create in them for both themselves and their canine friends. Dehydrators are perfect for making healthy snacks and treats to eat throughout the working day in the office or elsewhere. They are also great to make fuel for the body when camping or hiking making raw food alternatives or preserving excess fruits, vegetables and herbs or meat.

See how easy it is. Beef jerky recipe here.

Family gifts for a small family

christmas family gift

Maybe your family, or the family you have in mind to give a Christmas family gift to, is made up of only two. In that case Vitality 4 Life has a few options to chose from. The BioChef Galaxy Nutriboost Bullet Blender with one litre jug or a BioChef Atlas juicer with the smallest footprint
in the range.

If you want to go big and dramatic how about an Infrared sauna built for 1, 2 or 3 persons. With its overall health, stress and pain relief benefits you might consider it for Mum and Dad or even Nan and Pop.

The Zen saunas come in array of colours and can fit nicely into any home. It is portable, stylish and a gift to make you feel good, de-stress and de-tox after all the Christmas cheer. Nothing to fight about here you will be too relaxed.

Gift that keeps on giving

christmas family gift

Your Christmas family gift can keep on giving if you include one of our vacuum sealers. Once you have produced delicious meals, snacks and treats you can vacuum store them for later use. A particularly good idea if they already own one of our fabulous healthy living products.

One last bit of advice

Just remember if you are looking for a gift for wives or girlfriends then these family gift products are not the way to go if you like to keep the peace. Maybe try our personal, mini blenders designed for one or one of our fitness products and make it a thoughtful gift just for her.


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