Zen Far Infrared Wheelchair Accessible Sauna

Zen Wheelchair accessible Far Infrared sauna

Vitality 4 Life have introduced the Zen Far Infrared Wheelchair Sauna 4 Person - a wheelchair accessible sauna for individuals with mobility challenges.

Improved accessibility with double doors and foldable benches

The sauna is designed to be accessible for individuals using wheelchairs. It has double doors and foldable benches to accommodate wheelchair entry and provide flexibility in seating arrangements. This ensures that people using wheelchairs can comfortably enter and exit the sauna without assistance, promoting independence and inclusivity.

1:12 Slope ADA-Compliant wheelchair ramp

The sauna has a ramp with a slope of 1:12, which is compliant with the (ADA) standards for wheelchair accessibility.

12 high-performance carbon Far-Infrared panel heaters

The sauna is equipped with 12 carbon far-infrared panel heaters that provide efficient and effective heat distribution.

Ultra-Low Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) - 2.3mG

The sauna has been tested for electromagnetic field emissions, and the results show an ultra-low EMF level of 2.3 milligauss (mG). Low EMF levels are considered desirable for health and safety reasons.

Wall support rails and an emergency call button

The sauna features wall support rails that offer stability and assist with movement inside the sauna. Additionally, it includes an emergency call button for added safety.

Internal touch control panel - positioned mid-level for seated access

The touch control panel is positioned at a mid-level within the sauna, making it easily accessible for seated individuals. This controls temperature, time, lighting, bluetooth music system, FM Radio, USB Port.

The sauna provides control over temperature and time settings, as well as lighting options. It also features a built-in Bluetooth music system, an FM radio, and a USB port for audio connectivity. Chromatherapy LED Lighting with Remote Control: The sauna incorporates chromatherapy LED lighting, which allows users to choose different colours to create a desired ambiance.

2 spot reading lights in the ceiling

The ceiling of the sauna is equipped with two spotlights specifically designed for reading or focused lighting.

Dual music speakers

The sauna has two music speakers, positioned to provide a stereo sound experience.

Temperature range - 25-65 °C

The sauna can be set to a temperature range of 25 to 65 degrees Celsius (C), allowing users to adjust the heat according to their preference. The timer goes from 5-90 minutes enabling users to control the duration of their sauna sessions.

Made of sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock wood

The sauna is constructed using sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock wood, which is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. 6mm safety toughened glass door with wooden handles: The sauna features a 6mm thick safety toughened glass door with wooden handles for both safety and aesthetics. The sauna can be built-in or free-standing design offering flexibility in terms of installation options.

Powerful 4200W - Electrician required

The sauna requires a power supply of 4200 watts, which may necessitate the involvement of an electrician during installation.

Installation indoors or fully sheltered outdoors

The sauna can be installed indoors or in a fully sheltered outdoor space, ensuring versatility in terms of installation locations.


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