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Which treadmill is best for home exercise?

Working out at home is a great way to enjoy fitness and wellbeing benefits and work towards your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, time out, stress management, maintaining healthy joints or improving your mobility, we have you covered.

We often get asked, ‘which treadmill is best for me?, ‘which is the best treadmill for home?’ and ‘how can I get a cheap home treadmill that is still great quality?’

Vitality 4 Life has a complete range of high quality home treadmills or as some may call them ‘running machines’ to suit your needs, each with a 5 year warranty you can trust.

There are 11 home treadmills in our AbodeFit Health range and the great thing is you can choose a basic walking treadmill which is suited for those who simply want a light walk and to get active, all the way up to those who enjoy running and fitness programs.

All treadmills are easy to get going, some being foldable treadmills and portable treadmills too.

We have listed below the key features and benefits for each treadmill so you can decide which one suits your goals and needs the best.

Best treadmill for Weight Loss

Weight loss is the number one goal for a lot of our customers. All of the treadmills will achieve this goal so it is dependent on a few things such as your overall fitness level and ability.

For some, just being able to walk comfortably to get their daily exercise is enough. Our range of walking treadmills that reach speeds from 6km to 8km per hour are ideal. If you require a handrail to feel safe during your work out we would recommend our WS 570, Ws470 or WS770.

For those that want to both walk and run we have treadmills that reach up to 12km per hour. This way your treadmill can help you all the way on your fitness journey from walking to running as you gain greater fitness levels. Our top of the range WS610, WS810 and WS830 are durable, quiet, foldable and have easy to use touch screen controls and safety keys. The WS830 even has a 2% incline to give an added boost to your workout.

Best treadmill for Recovering from Injury or after baby?

If you need to slowly get back into exercise we recommend the walking treadmills with handles: The WS 570, 470 and 770. The 570 has intelligent automatic speed control as an added extra. With a high density anti-slip tread belt you can be assured of a safe workout.

These compact treadmills are a great way to build your mobility and fitness as you feel comfortable, with the handles helping support your body and balance.

Best treadmill for the elderly

If you are elderly and want to keep up your daily exercise we also recommend our WS470 . It's simple to use, easy to set up has a safety rail and safety key. The shock absorbing cushioning means a comfortable workout that is easy on the knees.

This neat, small treadmill is easy to set up and use, with the speeds increasing by small increments for your control and safety.

Best treadmill for maintaining and improving fitness at home

If you are serious about running and your main goal is to maintain or improve your fitness and enhance fat burning, we recommend our treadmills with inclines where you can enjoy your ultimate running machine right from home.

The WS830 has a 2 percent incline and the WS920 has a 4 percent incline helping you speed up your fitness and weight loss results.

Both with sleek and modern design while remaining compact enough for your home, these foldable treadmills are two of our best cardio machines.

Best treadmill design for the home

If the look of your treadmill is important for your home our range of stylish, slim design, foldable treadmills are perfect. Our WS630 walking pad was chosen as a winner for a reddot design award in 2019.

With an ultra slim design that can literally fold in half and be stored away, you can say goodbye to unsightly, complicated consoles and keep in shape and energized no matter the weather outside.

This folding treadmill combines state of the art technology, is easy to use and looks stylish to compliment any home space.

The best under desk treadmill

Working from home and keeping active during your work day is easier than ever with our compact treadmills that are easily foldable and easy to store. For this we recommend the WS 670 & 770, which are easy to move around and transport from one room to another, while maintaining a nice paced walk standing at your desk.

You can even use this for your designated work breaks to add some vitality to your day and get your muscles mobile while improving your posture.

We are here to help you with any questions you have about what treadmill is best for you, so do reach out to our support anytime! Need payment options? We have you covered! Get your home treadmill on AFTERPAY now and start with easy payments.

All our products come with 24/7 customer support, long warranties and 30 day returns to ensure the best experience for our valued customers globally.

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