Vibrodisc Total Body Workout

Vibrodisc Total Body Workout

TheVibrodisc is an extremely versatile vibration machine, which is designed using Whole Body Vibration Technology to help you lose weight, tone, stretch, recover from injury, increase muscle strength and improve circualtion.

Vibration Exercise, when combined with a range of yoga poses and stretches, is an extremely effective method for weight loss and is being used my millions of people world wide.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Stretching is vital as it improves felixibility and blood flow to your muscles. It is recommended that you perform this stretching sequence on your Vibrodisc at the beginning and end of your workout and if you are feeling tired you can stretch in between sets of the repetitions.



Leg Wrap with Shoulder Release


Bow & Arrow Stretch


Standing Leg Stretch


Celebration Pose


Unity of Hands


Seated Spinal Stretch


Sitting Forward Bend


Split Leg Forward Fold


Abductor Stretch with Lateral Extension


Lunge with Spinal Rotation

spinal rotation

Sitting Lateral Extension

sitting lateral extension

Total Body Sequence

Beginners: Perform one set of each exercise and add a set every 2 weeks or as you feel comfortable.Intermediate/Advanced: Complete 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps for each superset.

Half Victory Pose

half victory

Victory Pose



push up

Side Plank - Elbow to Fist

side plank

Plank Leg Lift

plank leg

Plank Lateral Lift

plank lateral lift

Hand & Ankle Weights Sequence

To use hand weights is optionalBeginners: It is recommended to first learn the routine and practice for at least 2 weeks before introducing hand weights to your routine. Then start with light weights, slowly increasing over time. This will avoid the possibility of straining muscles.

Lunge with Bicep Curl

bicep curl

Upright Row

upright row

Tricep Raise

tricep raise

One Arm Row Position 1:

one arm row

One Arm Row Position 2:

one arm row

One Arm Row Position 3:

one arm

Lateral Pulldown Postion 1:

pulldown position

Lateral Pulldown Position 2:

pulldown position

Lateral Raise Position 1:

raise position

Lateral Raise Position 2:

raise position

Lunging Deltoid Raise Position 1:

deltoid raise position

Lunging Deltoid Raise Position 2:

deltoid position

Step Sequence

These can be peformed as repetitions (reps)Beginners: 1-2 sets of 2-6 respIntermediate/Advanced: 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps

Basic Step:

basic step

Heel Dig:

heel dig

Side Leg Lift:

side leg

Kick Back:

kick back

Cross Kick:

cross kick

Ski Step:

ski steip