Use the Power of Steam to Clean with the Big and Little Yello

Use the Power of Steam to Clean with the Big and Little Yello

If you WANT a better clean than ever before without the worry of chemicals, look no further than the Little Yello!

Protect Your Family From Harsh Chemicals

With the help of the Little Yello, there is no need for the use of harsh and toxic chemicals in and around your home. The hot steam will sterilize and sanitize hard surfaces including wood, laminate, ceramic tiles, vinyl plus many more.

Tired of Cleaning-Up after Kids and Pets?

The Little Yello will easily remove soil, dust, crayon and dirt from hard floors as well as rejuvenate your rugs and carpets. The Little Steam Cleaner will also remove smells left by your animals in the carpets and rugs. Leaving you with more time to play and enjoy.

The Yello Steam is seen as green cleaning as it does not require and chemicals or cleaning solutions.

The Big or Little Yello is convenient, easy to manoeuvre and emits a powerful dry steam. In your accessories pack the nylon and brass brushes allow you to carry out an extreme clean on your house.

An All-In-One cleaning machine

  • Kitchen Surfaces and Floors
  • Bathrooms and Laundries
  • Exterior Surfaces
  •  Carpet and Rugs
  • Removing chewing gum and killing bed bugs.
  • Ovens
  • Grouting
  • BBQ Equipment

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