Seven Top Tips to Get You Walking

Seven Top Tips to Get You Walking

Health and fitness is an important aspect to our lives, but it is not always easy to achieve. The good news is that you don't have to join an expensive gym to achieve your health and fitness goals. Walking is low impact and benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger bones and reduced body fat, plus it’s suitable for almost everyone.

Seven Top Walking Tips…

  • Look for walking opportunities; park your car a little further away from your destination
  • Get off public transport or the elevator one stop earlier and walk!
  • Walk for 30 minutes per day or set a distance each day and stick to it
  • Become a tourist in your own town and take the nature or scenic walks on occasion
  • Regular leisurely walks around your neighbourhood may lead to new friends!
  • Make walking a pleasure by having the correct footwear and clothing to suit conditions
  • Before walking, remind yourself how much better you will feel afterwards!

Building physical activity into your life

Physical activity built into a daily lifestyle plan is also one of the most effective ways to keep healthy and assist with weight loss and keep the weight off.

Start with regular small bouts of 10 minutes three times per day and gradually build up to longer sessions. If your goal is to lose weight, you will need to do physical activity for longer than 30 minutes each day and you can achieve this by starting with smaller bouts of activity throughout the day and increasing these to sessions of more than 30 minutes as your fitness improves.

Drink plenty of pure water and/or a freshly made living juice before and after your walk. If you are taking a long walk, take a water bottle with you.,/

Wear a pedometer

A pedometer measures the number of steps you take. You can use it to measure your movement throughout the day and compare it to other days or to recommended amounts. This is a great motivator! The recommended number of steps accumulated per day to achieve health benefits is 10,000 steps or more.

Footwear is important

Walking is a low cost and effective form of exercise. However, the wrong type of shoe or walking action can cause foot or shin pain, blisters and injuries to soft tissue. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, with appropriate heel and arch supports. Take light, easy steps and make sure your heel touches down before your toes. Whenever possible, walk on grass rather than concrete to help absorb the impact.

* Moderate activities such as walking pose little health risk but, if you have a medical condition, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program of physical activity.

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