Mullum Sari - more than a 'health' retreat

Mullum Sari - more than a 'health' retreat

A message from Mullum Sari facilitator, Yvonne...

A couple of days ago, I received a message from a guest once she had returned home. It read, "Thanks for everything Yvonne. You helped me regain a grip on the steering wheel of my life". This made me think about how we affect lives by what we do. At Mullum Sari, we aim to accommodate those who seek detox and rejuvenation by offering residential and non-residential retreats. That is what it says on our website. For me, we offer so much more than this.

Reading through our testimonial book today has given me an insight into exactly why we are different. " Beautiful and unique", "Motivating and inspiring", "treatments were not what I expected, they were beyond that" - comments like this make me feel very proud. Proud at what we offer. In awe of how much difference we can, and do make to people's lives.

"This space gave me time and love to heal" and "I will never forget your calm, gentle and happy personalities" - how many places can attest to compliments such as these? Other comments mention "taking control of my life" and the continuing thread through all of these wonderful comments is our guests heading home with lessons learnt to implement in daily life and feeling that they have not only changed their lives but they have changed their lives for the better.

The world 'retreat' can conjure visions of pampering and relaxation. Mullum Sari offers something very different. It isn’t just during the stay that our guests receive the benefits of their visit. For us, it is as much about the re-education of our guests as it is about their treatments and experiences whilst they are with us. I feel quite privileged to be part of this.

There really isn't a another retreat in the southern hemisphere that offers the same level of treatment under one roof. We truly are focused on enabling people to physically change their lifestyles rather than just getting a few massages and feeling great. What we offer is sustainable and cannot be easily conveyed on a website or document. We truly believe that the support, nurturing, love and care we offer stays with our departed guests forever.