Lexen Healthy Manual Sprouter

Lexen Healthy Manual Sprouter

Lexen Healthy Sprouter

The Lexen Healthy Sprouter makes growing wheatgrass and sprouts easy and fun for everyone! You can grow sprouts with or without the use of soil. The Lexen Sprouter has the capability of even growing four different sprouts per tray.

With the Lexen Healthy Sprouter You Can Grow

Alfalfa sprouts -
Nutritional resource for adding vitamins and amino acids into your diet.

Bean sprouts -
Crunchy bean sprouts add great flavour and texture to lots of dishes, used in many Thai and Asian foods.

Dill -
Wonderful with potato and egg dishes.

Makes great herb bread, try mixing with other herbs too. Sensational in omelettes.

Asian dishes like soups and curries.

Mint -
Great for mint sauces, jellies, Asian cuisine and fruit drinks.

Oregano - It's perfect to add to tomato based dishes, but it is also wonderful with roast potatoes and olive oil.

Thyme -
Wonderful in stuffings, dressings and for roasting with vegetables.

Wheatgrass -
A green juice will cleanse your digestive system, lungs, liver and uterus.

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