Increase the Amount of Raw Foods into your Diet Simply and Quickly

Increase the Amount of Raw Foods into your Diet Simply and Quickly

When we refer to 'raw food', it doesn't necessarily mean a diet comprising purely of raw uncooked food. For more than 20 years, we have consistently met people who have taken the path to greater vitality by simply increasing the amount of fresh, plant based raw living foods in their diet.

Fresh Fruit JuiceI think this is an important distinction to make so people don't feel like it's going to be such a drastic change of lifestyle. That being said, some people do choose to completely overhaul their diet to a complete raw food one.

What are Raw Foods?

Raw foods are uncooked and unprocessed and as close to their natural form as possible. Staples include raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains.

Increasing your intake of raw foods doesn't mean you have to eat mountains of salad for every meal. There are so many ways in which to do so.

How to Quickly & Easily Increase Raw Foods into your Diet

The quickest and most gentle way to boost your nutrition is by drinking cold press juices. Dr Norman Walker, a man many years ahead of his time, extensively studied and subsequently discovered the steps necessary to develop the kind of health he believed the body was capable of.

Part of the discovery was the body building ability of fresh carrot juice, followed by the benefits of all types of juice from any type of fruit and vegetable.

Solid food must be broken down by the digestive system into liquids. This is necessary in order to separate the atoms and molecules from the food fibres so that they can pass through the walls of the intestine where they are picked up by the bloodstream and delivered to the liver.

Over many years Dr Walker experimented with how best to extract the juice from carrots. The result was to crush the vegetables into fine particles which split open the interstices (the small spaces) of the cells of the fibres, liberating the atoms and molecules.

The usable fibre is retained in the juice, but the insoluble fibre, the fibre that requires much effort by our bodies to breakdown, is removed.

So by having a litre of juice everyday, we are flooding our bodies with goodness without putting added strain on our systems.

SmoothiesSmoothies are another way to increase our intake of living foods. Blending is particularly good for fruits as a whole fruit smoothie means the fibre is retained which is important to regulate blood sugar levels. As more and more superfoods become available at health food stores and increasingly at supermarkets, you can add these to our smoothies for 'super' nutrition.

Green smoothies are also particularly potent. As technology has advanced so have super powered blenders with enough strength to turn the blades fast enough to break open the cellulose fibre and release important nutrients. This type of blender also correctly releases the goodness contained in seeds, skin and flesh in a bioavailable form.

A good mantra is 'our bodies are hungry for nutrition, not for food'. Meaning, we often think we want to consume quantities (of brown, fried, processed foods), when it is actually 'quality' food that our body desires.


For more than 20 years Vitality 4 Life have centred around sourcing and providing products make it easier to 'increase the amount of living foods, living juice and pure water' in our lives. For more information on our cold press juicers and blenders get in touch with us! You can give us a call, email us or use our online-chat facilities.

Walker, N.W., 1981. Pure and simple natural weight control. 3rd ed. Toronto, Canada: Norwalk Press, Imprint of Book Publishing Company.



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