Norman Walker

Norman Walker

Dr Norman Walker, who lived to the very ripe age of 99 years, is known globally as the trail-blazing raw foodist of the modern era. His books are a must for either the novice or the devoted health seeker. We have selected what we consider to be his best books, and offer them individually, or in a set of seven for a special price.

"As a natural health practicioner I read health related books constantly. In particular I love the work of Dr. Norman Walker. I have read all his books and find them easy to read and very informative. I have on regular occasions loaned out these books to clients. As part of my natural therapies I utilize colon hydrotherapy and I have found Dr. Walker's COLON HEALTH book particularly good for clients to reda before having a colonic irrigation so they are more informed. The FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT JUICES book is great as an adjunct to any clients who are using one of the Vitality 4 Life juice extractors I recommend and sell. My personal favourite book is Dr. Walkers VEGETARIAN GUIDE TO DIET AND SALAD, as I love how he speaks on the benefits of proper food combining and advocates the benefits of colon therapy. Although each individual should seek medical advice for any health issues, the Walker books contain great information that would benefit any person seeking to gain information about moving towards a healthier lifestyle."

Sue Pollock - Naturopath

Norman Wardhaugh Walker (January 4, 1886 — June 6, 1985) was an English-American businessman and pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutrional health. He advocated the drinking of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices, both to regain and to maintain one's health. Based on his design, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer was developed. This juicer continues to be produced and sold today. Norman Walker wrote several books on nutrition and healthy living and juicing. Norman Walker advocated a diet based solely on raw plants like vegetables, fruits and nuts. He considered cooked, baked or frozen food dead and therefore unhealthy, saying that "while such food can, and does, sustain life in the human system, it does so at the expense of progressively degenerating health, energy, and vitality." As a strict vegetarian, he did not recommend eating meat, dairy products, fish or eggs. His diet suggestions avoided such staple foods as bread, pasta and rice. Norman Walker devoted large sections of many of his health books to the description of the different organs of the human body, explaining how the digestive system and the various glands work. He considered a healthy colon the key to one's health. He estimated that 80% of all disease begins in the colon. He wrote: "Every organ, gland and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the colon."

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