Compare All in One Kitchen Machines

Compare All in One Kitchen Machines

Heralded as new the 'Kings of the Kitchen' the 'All in One Kitchen Machines' aka 'Cook Processors' are the new workhorses of the 21st Century's hearth of the home that no self-respecting cooking buff can be without. Their ability to combine a multitude of different appliances in one machine does come at a price, which leads to the burning question, which all in-one kitchen appliance is right for you?

Vitality 4 Life, as an industry leader in kitchen appliances, has compared the top models in the market including Thermomix, the Tefal Cusine Companion, Kitchen Aid Cook Processor and our very own BioChef Mycook, to see how each of the machines stacks up and to give you the transparent information you need to be sure you are making the right choice.

If you are intrigued by the idea of the Thermomix and are perhaps looking for a thermomix alternative, there are quite a few new brands popping up which are all promising to put Thermomix to the test. But when it comes down to it, what are the features you are going to use, why are you drawn to the product, what need do you want the product to fulfill? It is from this basis that Vitality 4 Life compares leading products in order to highlight which product is more suitable for different types customers.

Compare All in One Kitchen Machines

All in one Kitchen Machine Comparison Table

Top Things to Consider When Looking at a Thermomix Alternative:

There are a number of features which set the different models apart and understanding which are most important to you will help you to determine which machine is right for you.

  • Heating System
  • Recipe Functionality (settings/controls)
  • Scales

Heating System

There are two types of heating systems found in all in one machines, induction heating and resistance heating. This is similar to what you would find when looking for a stove top, each have differences and generally different types of customers make different choices in regards to induction vs resistance.

Induction heating basically works on the premise of creating a powerful electromagnetic field which reacts with metals. As there is no transfer of heat (from heating element to jug) the reaction times for heating and cooling with induction are instantaneous. This also means that induction is far more precise, meaning you can control the temperature more exactly and a lot faster. This is especially helpful for more technical recipes like sous-vide or tempering, where temperature adjustments and precision is paramount. This is why induction heating is the #1 choice for professional cooks. Induction heating is generally the most expensive type of heating element.

Electric resistance heating works by applying direct heat to the jug through a electronically heated coil element. As the heat has to transfer from the heating element through to the jug the reaction time is slower than with induction. This also means that heating and cooling is less responsive. Resistance heating is generally cheaper than induction technology.

The Thermomix, Kitchenaid Cook Processor and the Tefal Cuisine Companion all use electric resistance heating, where as the Mycook uses induction heating combined with a central copper ring through the jug which as an excellent heat conductor, transfers the heat throughout the whole jug (top to bottom) evenly.

MyCook Induction vs Resistance Cooking

Recipe Functionality

The recipe functionality is the most advertised and marketed feature of the all in one machines. The notion of 'set and forget' meals and cooking is appealing to busy families who still want to eat home-cooked meals but perhaps don't have the time (or energy) to slave over the stove. All-in-one machines claim to replace upwards of over 10 different appliances and combine them into one machine so the promise of being able to create whole meals in one machine is very appealing to busy, time poor people. The machines can come with a variety of different attachments, settings and programs which further expand the machine's repertoire. Turning it from risotto maker to steamer to dough maker and everything in between.

For those who aren't comfortable venturing too far from a set recipe, the pre-set recipes could be a necessity. If you are looking for a machine which will make cooking quicker, easier and turn your ingredients into meals without much need for thinking or work, then it really is a battle between the Thermomix, Kitchenaid Cook Processor and the Tefal Cuisine Companion, each of which promises more recipes than the next.

If you are a buff in the kitchen who is not of the textbook variety then the BioChef Mycook may well be the machine for you. The BioChef Mycook has simplistic functions and features with minimal automatic programs that just take the experimentation and intuition out of cooking. For those who like to taste and adjust recipes and enjoy the process of the cooking experience then the Mycook is the most suitable machine for you. The Mycook helps you in the kitchen (just as a sous chef would) and allows you to make recipes that you would normally need multiple machines for. Why not try tempering chocolate or sous-vide like a pro with the Mycook's induction heating system, guaranteed to be more reactive and responsive for more delicate cooking, just like the professionals use. The focus is not on recipe functionality with the Mycook, the quality induction heating system and versatility in the kitchen is paramount.


Both the Mycook and the Thermomix come with integrated scales where as the KitchenAid Cook Processor and the Tefal Cuisine Companion do not. Integrated scales allow you to weight ingredients as they are added to the jug, eliminating the need for additional scales. It is a handy accessory for more delicate recipes like desserts where you can be sure you are adding the correct ingredient measurements every time for optimal results.

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