Food Dehydrator for healthy dog snacks

BioChef food dehydrators, a unique gift for pet lovers

No one else will think of this one, a truly unique gift for pet lovers... make your own healthy dog treats.

We all know someone who loves their dog more than people. If you want to find a unique  gift for pet lovers that no one else will think of start here with our food dehydrators. Sound boring? It definitely won't be for them when they are making their own healthy dog treats. Or how about buying one for yourself and giving the treats as a gift! Either way they will love it.

Pet lovers love to know exactly what their doggy treats are made of. With unhealthy treats everywhere at the moment and overseas companies taking over some of our own Australian brands what is in the doggy bag may not be such a, unique gift, pet lovers, pet owners

Healthy Bite

There are many news items at the moment suggesting that here are some dangerous dog treats on the market that should be avoided at all costs. Some that can result in serious injury and even death. Beef jerky in particular. If you choose a unique gift for pet lovers from our a food dehydrator range they can make delicious and healthy beef jerky and other treats for their furry best friend at home in their own kitchen.

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Not just for pets

Food Dehydrators are perfect for making healthy snacks for your dogs AND for you so it is a gift that keeps on giving. Make treats to eat throughout the working day in the office or elsewhere. They are also great to make fuel for the dog and human body when camping or hiking making raw food alternatives or preserving excess fruits, vegetables and herbs and meat.  What an unusual and unique gift for pet lovers.

unique christmas gift for pet lovers


Doggy bag as well?

Throw in a vacuum sealers and you have a fully functioning doggy treat manufacturing plant in at home. Definitely  a truly unique gift for pet lovers saving time and money too. Your friend will now be able to not only produce health doggy treats but also store them away for future use or take them travelling. If you have bought the dehydrator for yourself this is a a great way to package up treats for ALL your pet loving friends.

unique christmas gift for pet lovers

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