BioChef Atlas Juicer Review

BioChef Atlas Juicer Review

This is our BioChef Atlas Juicer Review; designed to give you all the info you need about the newest BioChef Atlas Juicer. What makes it different to other juicers on the market and why this juicer is set to become a market leader in vertical cold press juicers.

The BioChef Atlas Juicer is the latest model juicer from the BioChef brand. BioChef is quickly becoming the global market leader in healthy kitchen products including juicers, blenders, dehydrators and more. BioChef products are innovative, sophisticated and offer both genuine health benefits and value to the user. And the BioChef Atlas is no different - A beautifully sleek and compact juicer that produces the highest quality cold press juice.

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So, what makes the BioChef Atlas Juicer different?

Easier to use and to clean!

Perfect for both beginners and those who have been juicing for decades, the BioChef Atlas is designed to be the most easy to use and simple cold press juicer available on the market.

Unlike other vertical cold press juicers on the market, the BioChef has a flat base in the juicing drum/bowl. Our customers were finding with their Hurom Juicers (which have a deep groove/indent inside the bowl) that pulp and vegetable matter would build up and stick, making it very hard to clean and keep looking new. You can further Compare Hurom and BioChef Juicers here.

The juice has LESS pulp!

BioChef Atlas Juicer with Wheatgrass

The BioChef Atlas Juicer has been described as the "family juicer". Being so simple to use and with no sharp parts (unlike the high spinning blades of a centrifugal juicer), the BioChef Atlas can be enjoyed as a family. The juice that is created with the BioChef Atlas is also so pulp free it is perfect for fussy kids! We have added holes into the 'Juice Spinning Basket' to allow for a more even flow of juice and for pulp to flow through the juicing drum. In other models of vertical cold press juicers, the juice spinning basket has been made up of solid silicon flaps, which we found would cause a build up within the drum when spinning around and the end result would be a pulpy juice.

The BioChef Atlas is the complete package...

When you purchase a BioChef Atlas Juicer, you get the complete package; everything you need to get started on your juicing journey! Not only is the BioChef Juicer of the highest quality, it offers genuine value to our customers. We want you to be excited and enthusiastic about the journey you are about to embark upon, so we have given you the tools you need to make the most out of it!

BioChef Atlas Free Gifts

Feel inspired by your free copy of the best-selling 'Food Matters DVD', which explores food quality as it is today, how you can use food as medicine and what foods to avoid. It is truly a life-changing documentary and has inspired thousands to change their eating habits and perspectives of food in a positive way. Not only do you receive the free DVD; you will also receive a 1 months free subscription to the Food Matters TV documentary channel,! The combination of the DVD and subscription will get you inspired, motivated and educated!

Something else to help you along the way... The BioChef Recipe Book. Specifically written with the BioChef products in mind, the BioChef Recipe Book comes with over 80+ healthy living recipes like "Carrot Cleanser Juice" or "Almond Milk". The recipes have come from both our team and our customers alike when they have been using the products.

We have also given you the best tools for preparing your fruits and vegetables for juicing juice; a free Ceramic Knife Set and Bamboo Cutting Board. With the BioChef Atlas, what more could you ask for?!

BioChef is more than just a product!

When purchasing a BioChef product, you are buying more than just a product - you are becoming part of the BioChef Community and the wider Vitality 4 Life community. We value our customers feedback above anything, and are constantly using this information to improve our products, develop new products and accessories, and give more value to our customers by way of what is included in the box. And the BioChef Atlas is just that - you asked and we listened!

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