Anise Juice with Strawberries

Anise Juice with Strawberries

This healthy recipe for a great tasting juice is a vital addition to your raw food diet. Use your living juice extractor to draw out all the nutrients from these powerful raw foods. This juice is 'alive' with flavour and goodness!


  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 rockmelon
  • 2 anise stalks

Machine set up:

  • First place the living juicer Juicing Strainer into the drum, then onto the screw. Attach the drum cap onto the end of the drum by turning it counter clockwise until you feel it sits firmly. Then screw the Juicing Nozzle onto the drum cap turning it counter clockwise onto notch 0.
  • Place your Juice Pitcher under the Juice Outlet and place the other pitcher under the machines Pulp Discharge Outlet in order to catch the pulp.
  • Always be sure to start the machine before you enter anything into the Guide and keep the machine running until finished.

Preparation instructions:

  • juice the strawberries first on notch 2
  • then juice the melon on notch 1
  • lastly, juice the anise stalks tasting the juice after each half stalk in order to find the right sweetness for your own taste

Preparation time: 10 min

Yields: 2 glasses

Preparation hints:

Peal the melon finely and use very ripe, almost overripe strawberries with a very round flavor. For decoration, pierce a strawberry on the rim of the glass and cut 2-3 small chunks of melon into the juice. This juice is great chilled so have the fruits in the fridge for a couple of hours before you start juicing.

Nutritional information:

Melons have a remarkably high content of vitamin C. Rock melons with a darker orange flesh are also a good source of carotene. Apart from its unique flavor, Anise is said to increase ones sexual drive and reduce flatulence.

For best results we recommend using:

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