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Consuming a sprout, whether it is wheatgrass, broccoli, alfalfa, or a bean sprout is like eating a little plant. It provides a number of concentrated nutritional, digestive and enzymatic properties that would be difficult to get in one package. It will give you a burst of health that will energise you and provide you with essential vitamins. If you want to enjoy the health benefits of sprouts in the comfort of your own home, why not take a look at our rage of indoor herb gardens, wheatgrass growing kits, sprouters and other products.

Sprouters should offer plenty of airflow from the top and good drainage to maximise growth. They must easily contain water, for example when soaking seeds and beans. Our sprouters make growing healthy wheatgrass and organic sprouts easy and fun for everyone, without the use of soil. These sprouters suit a number of different organic products and are light, compact and very attractive in their design. They can be used with or without soil and if needed can accommodate up to 4 different sprouts per tray.

Also, consider trying one of our wheatgrass growing kits. These kits are designed to allow you to grow wheatgrass easily in your own home, so that you can savour the health benefits of this nutritious plant.

We also offer a great range of manual juicers, which are able to juice herbs and wheatgrass – so that you can drink a cool refreshing glass of tasty nutrition every morning!

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