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    Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L - WA
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    Joraform 'Little Pig' Rotational Composter - 125L
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    Joraform Optional Composter Wall Mount
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    Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L
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    Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100
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Joraform - Bringing you the best of Swedish Design & Ingenuity

Joraform is a Swedish company who since 1990 has been very serious about composting. Over the years, they have developed compost machines for domestic composting through to large-scale commercial ventures.

Joraform composters can be used in domestic environments through to strata or tenant-owners’ associations, housing firms, building companies, schools and institutional kitchens.

Joraform is a company with extensive experience in the field of composting domestic waste and have been working with The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) in composting projects, where several hundreds of households have been participating. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Statens Lantbruksuniversitet) has been doing analyses and cultivation experiments of the resulting compost.

'Constant development' is part of their mission to create environmental products that make it easier for you to live with awareness and respect for the natural environment.

Approximately half of all household waste is organic so by composting your domestic waste in your neighbourhood, you will reduce your impact on landfill by up to 50%.

Vitality 4 Life stocks a range of Joraform composters including the JK125, known as the ‘Little Pig’, the JK270, known as the ‘Big Pig’, the JK400, also known as the ‘Restauranteur’ and the fully automatic large compost machine – the JK5100, also known as the ‘Commercial’ Composter.

The Little Pig composter is suitable for smaller households (1 to 4 people) – depending on how much waste is generated, while the Big Pig Composter is suitable for larger households (4 or more people), B&Bs, small restaurants, kindergartens, care homes etc.

If you have larger waste quantities or are running a commercial business, the Restauranteur (JK400) or the Commercial (JK5100) composter will be more suitable to you.

The Commercial compost machine is equipped with a shredder, which is necessary for effective and rational composting. This system consists of two chambers which let the post-composting take place inside the bin, which in turn means that the compost mould is ready to be used immediately after emptying and is therefore an attractive product for the end-users.

Vitality4Life have supplied a commercial composter to the Port of Brisbane whose mission was to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill each year and provide valuable soil for gardening, as well as other establishments and homes, nationally.

For more information on this range of durable, high quality compost tumblers click here.

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