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Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100


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✓ Easy and convenient high-volume composting
✓ Robust, unique, and superior mixing function
✓ Fully automatic composting machine
✓ Capacity of up to 100 households
✓ Suitable for a large restaurant, housing complex or hospital


Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100

The industrial capacity fully-automatic composter

  • The Joraform JK5100 is a commercial or industrial capacity composting unit which is fully automated and is capable of processing up to 100 litres of waste per day. This incredible capacity is perfect for apartment complexes with up to 100 families, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and more. The JK5100 Composter is being used in such applications across both Europe and here in Australia, providing a solution for processing large quantities of green waste which would normally end up in landfill.


Automated Operation

Simple to use & maintain compost quality

  • The JK5100 makes it simple and straight forward to process large quantities of waste daily with its automated programming, smart functions and intuitive design. The JK5100 will automatically dispense wood pellets as waste enters the hopper, grind the waste to the desired consistency (even up to puree consistency) and then transfer the waste between the two composting chambers over a two week period.
    The JK5100 Commercial Composter also features a programmable extraction fan system which controls both ventilation and aeration.
    The automatic programming of the JK5100 ensure that the composter is easy for different groups of people to operate and use easily, while still ensuring quality consistent results.


Superior Dual Chamber System

Creates a continuous composting cycle & best results

  • The Joraform Commercial Composter features two separate composting chambers. Unlike similar capacity composters on the market, the Joraform JK5100 allows you to add waste and create compost simultaneously, creating a four-weekly "cycle of composting". The dual chambers allow you to fill the first chamber (the processing chamber) with waste then after two weeks this will automatically transfer over to the secondary chamber (the "ripening chamber) where it will mature properly without coming into contact with fresh waste.
    At all times both sections of compost can be viewed and sampled through the Inspection Hutches to ensure that the compost is of a satisfactory consistency for emptying.
    Both chambers are completely independent of one another and both can be programmed individually in terms of mixing and aeration via the control unit depending on the waste added etc.


Robust Industrial Construction

Safe, reliable, low maintenance & pest-free

  • The Joraform JK5100 Industrial Composter is made from a 5mm thick stainless steel body and the insulating panels from environmentally-friendly recycled plastics. Each moving part is completely replaceable for optimal working life. The robust structure combined with the aeration and ventilation systems ensures that the JK5100 will not vent any gases, smells or odours meaning no pests, flies or rodents.
    The JK5100 meets all of the regulatory safety standards, with the grinder motor only functioning when the hopper is completely closed. There is also two large emergency shut-off controls at both ends for added safety.


The Joraform Commercial Composter in Use

Commercial applications where the JK5100 is being used...

  • Joraform Commercial Composter
  • The Joraform JK5100 Industrial Composter is being used across Europe, the UK and here in Australia. Some examples of such applications are as follows:
    The Port of Brisbane, Australia - have installed a JK5100 to reduce the amount of waste they are producing as well as using the compost throughout the premises grounds. It is also used to educate visiting school groups about the importance of sustainable living through corporate responsibility.
    Apartment Complex, Oslo, Norway - have installed 12 units in the basement of the complex to handle the household waste of 1200 apartments.
    National Trust, UK - have purchased 2 units for conservation gardens throughout the UK.
    Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, South Africa - purchased a JK5100 to reduce ever-growing organic waste disposal costs for the centre and to educate staff on new sustainability projects throughout the centre.

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Additional Information

Brand Joraform
Model Number JK5100
UPC 9341061000211
Frequency 50 Hz
Colours Available Stainless Steel
Product Weight 800kg
Product Dimensions L 300cm x H 150.5cm x D 124cm
Shipping Dimensions entre of the outlet lid 600mm, diameter 250mm.
Voltage 380v
Materials All parts in contact with compost are grade 304 stainless steel, all pastic is 100% recycled
Extra Features 700L capacity per week
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Delivery
  • Extended Product Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Product Expert Available
  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Australian Service Center
  • Parts & Accessories Available
  • vitality4life