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    Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L - WA
    In stock - contact us for freight costs
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    Joraform 'Little Pig' Rotational Composter - 125L
    $598.00 $665.00
    Save 10%
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    Joraform Optional Composter Wall Mount
  4. Rating:
    Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L
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    Joraform Commercial Composter JK5100
    60 day delivery
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    VegeBox™ - A & B Nutrient Solution - 60ml Set
    $23.20 $29.00
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Love your Garden!

Bring your garden to life with our range of high-quality compost tumblers and indoor hydroponic gardens.

Using environmentally friendly gardening products not only reduces your carbon footprint and helps to generate an oxygen rich environment for the home, but it also offers healthy habitats for both flora and fauna.


Compost Tumblers

The Joraform range of compost tumblers are fully sealed, aerated and insulted compost bins which can be easily rotated to mix composting materials without any hassle.

These sealed, insulated containers help to generate heat during the composting process, thereby speeding the process of converting kitchen and garden waste into compost in as little as six to eight weeks.

Our range of composters are perfect for both at-home composting - with the Little Pig or Big Pig Composter - as well as business or commercial scale composting with the use of a larger composter like the Restauranteur or Commercial Composter.

VegeBox Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Our range of VegeBox Indoor Gardens are perfect for those who do not have an outdoor garden or balcony. Grow your own herbs, vegetables and microgreens right on your kitchen bench all year round.

Check out our range of VegeBoxes.

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