Aquasana Countertop Prefilter Kit


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✓ For use with The Aquasana Countertop Unit
✓ For households on tank water or who have sediment in their water
✓ Replacement Cartridges easily replaced


Aquasana Countertop Prefilter Kit

  • This diverter hose with pre-filter assembly houses the sediment pre-filter for the AQ-4000 countertop water filter system. It replaces the standard diverter hose that comes with the countertop unit, and filters out higher than average levels of dirt and sediment particles, reducing the amount of sediment that enters the main filter unit, and therefore reduces the risk of clogging.

How do I know if I need a pre-filter?

  • If your water flow slows down significantly or stops completely before your filter cartridges are six months old, you likely have a sediment problem. You should be getting 1.5L per minute from a correctly flowing filter set, and if your filters flow significantly less than that, we recommend you use a pre-filter.

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